Practically does not appear. Anna Sedokova told how she earns and how much she spends

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Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who lives and performs in Russia, said that she is the main source of her income.

In an interview on the YouTube channel of journalist Vasily Konov, Sedokova admitted that advertising is her main source of income.

“ My advertising contracts far exceed the cost of my performances. There are integrations of 1 million rubles ( about 371 thousand UAH), there are contracts for 10 million rubles ( about 3.7 million UAH), there are for 15 million ( about 5.5 million UAH), “the singer admitted.


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She added that now she practically does not perform. “I don’t want to. I perform only at the venues that I like, ”she admitted.

The artist also said that the more she earns, the more she spends. Her company employs 15 employees, to whom she pays wages, and also attributed the expenses for repairs in a new apartment bought on a mortgage. Sedokova spends 430 thousand rubles ( about 158.5 thousand UAH) per month on an apartment. The cost of her new housing was 58 million rubles ( about 21.5 million UAH).


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