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Praey For The Gods received an age rating in Taiwan. Apparently, the release date is near

Praey for the Gods is an upcoming action game inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. In Taiwan, she received an age rating for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. The developers have confirmed that they are optimizing it for the PS5.

On the official PlayStation Blog, the developers announced visual improvements, 60 fps, and support for DualSense.

“60 frames per second right at maximum graphics settings, full shadows, high resolution textures is amazing. Loading times are significantly reduced, ”said the developer. “With DualSense, the feel of pulling the bow and matching the resistance of the controller’s adaptive triggers is intuitive. The sensation of your feet crunching in deep snow, or the sensation of the wind blowing – all of this is felt in your hands when you control your character. “

Pray for the Gods was originally released on Steam Early Access on PC. The developers planned to release version 1.0 on PC in early 2021 but decided to release it along with the final versions on the console.

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