Prato Everything is ready for the exodus of fans to Pistoia Il Tirreno

FLORENCE. “Everything in Pistoia”. Numerous banners hang in the city calling for Biancazzurri fans to take part in the away match at the Melanie Stadium in Pistoia, which will take place on Sunday, September 3 at 17:00, against Pistoise in the Coppa Italia match. The closer the date, the more the expectation of the superderby grows. Fans have already organized an away match, because the match with the Orange is undoubtedly the most emotional duel. To spice it up even more, this is the first official match and another one-off match: whoever wins advances to the Serie D Coppa Italia round, whoever loses is eliminated from the competition. Ultras have already announced the terms of the away match on social networks. The meeting is scheduled for 14.15 in Piazza della Statione, then the train to Pistoia is scheduled for 15.18. In the meantime, the preliminary sale of tickets, which will be personalized, has begun. Residents of the province of Prato will be able to purchase a coupon only for the exit sector. Sales are open until tomorrow. Coupons will also be available at the Lizzo Sandro tobacco shop in Via della Lastruccia in Prato. The last time, in February, the derby was held behind closed doors for reasons of public order in a surreal atmosphere. However, this time the fans will be there and the atmosphere will be different, also because many will move from Prato. The cup challenge anticipates the championship, where Prato will be in the company of Pistoiese and Allanese, the only ones who are not included in the group of only Tuscan and Umbrian teams. Group D will include 18 teams: Allianese, Pistoese and Prato, as well as Borgo San Donnino, Carpi, Corticella, Forli, Imolese, Lentigione, Mezzolara , Progresso, Ravenna, Sammaurese, United Riccione and Victor San Marino, as well as three teams from Lombardy (Fanfulla, San Giuliano and Sant’Angelo). The calendars should come out on Monday and show the first day Prato is almost certain to play away. On 7 September (Northern Ireland) and 11 September (Netherlands) Lungobisenzio will host friendly matches of the national team of European champions under 19. In the meantime, after the defeat in training from Tau Calcio, Prato is trying to prepare as best as possible. Today at 10.30 at Lungobisenzio the new main sponsor Prato will also be presented.

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