Praying for Luis Miguel!The Best Memes About ‘El Sol’ Hospitalization News

The Best Memes About Luis Miguel’s Hospital News

The iconic singer has attracted thousands of fans following a string of successful concerts in Argentina Luis Miguel His health could be affected after he arrives in Chile as part of his much-anticipated return to the stage tour.

In the joyous atmosphere of a Luis Miguel concert, thousands of fans eagerly await the final glimpse “Mexican Sun” On stage, speculation arose about his appearance and health.

During a recent gig in Argentina, the singer drew attention for his notoriously thin body, which sparked rumors about his health.

Journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez revealed details of Luis Miguel’s hospitalization (Reuters/Agustin Marcarian)

Also, it is speculated that the singer may have used doubles in some of her performances in Argentina. Some fans also pointed out that her voice sounded husky and that sometimes she didn’t finish the songs and let the girls in the choir finish.

Recently, it was revealed that the translation of the hit song “unconditional” anyone “bikini”, He was hospitalized after a hugely successful tour in Argentina.

No further details about his health have been released so far. However, according to Chilean media reports, Luis Miguel was seriously affected by a severe flu and was admitted to a Chilean clinic on August 19.

Luis Miguel’s personal team decided to rush him to the hospital after noticing his deteriorating health.Chilean journalist Cecilia Gutierrez, shared the news on his Instagram account, noting that the singer had a photo of the flu. “The singer is going to the emergency room of a clinic in the East because he has pictures of the flu,” Gutierrez declared.

Luis Miguel is in stable condition and will not cancel upcoming shows (Official Luis Miguel)

According to Gutierrez, Luis Miguel went to a hospital east of San Diego with flu-like symptoms. The incident happened on Saturday, August 19, the same day as the famous translator. “Girl in a Blue Bikini” Arrived in Santiago, scheduled for a series of 10 shows on Chilean soil.

Subsequently, the correspondent reported that Luis Miguel is currently in stable condition and that he will not cancel any dates on the concert schedule.

So far, the artist’s team has not issued an official statement on his health, but his followers wish him a speedy recovery and continue to bring joy to them with his music.

Luis Miguel is in stable condition and won’t be canceling his upcoming showCredit: TW/@_benzomartin

Luis Miguel’s followers are eager for his return to the stageCredit: TW/@_benzomartin

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