Pre-sales of Taylor Swift’s film threaten to break records on its first day.

Tickets for the “Taylor Swift: Eras Tour” concert film have sold over $10 million, indicating huge demand and enthusiastic fans. The film’s success drew comparisons to Marvel films, highlighting its blockbuster potential and broad appeal. The release of the concert film led to a change in the release date for The Exorcist: Believer, demonstrating the impact Swift’s popularity had on the industry.

According to Deadline, advance ticket sales for the Taylor Swift: Eras Tour concert film have grossed over $10 million and are continuing to rise. Asked what these pre-sales compare to, the distribution expert replied, “A few Marvel films.”

Initially, advance ticket sales for Swift’s concert film are comparable to a Marvel movie. In the days leading up to The Eternals, for example, advance ticket sales were $13 million, though Swift’s concert film nearly surpassed that figure in one day and will hopefully go much further. Ultimately, pre-sales could be comparable to Star Wars, as The Force Awakens grossed $20 million on its first day of pre-sale alone. Due to the huge buzz surrounding the Eras Tour, the concert film may have a chance to surpass that figure in the coming days.

To give some context, other big box office concert films in terms of box office opening and closing numbers are Michael Jackson’s Here It Is ($23 million, $72 million), Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Again (29 million, $73 million) and Hannah Montana. And Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert (31 million, $65 million). Box office analysts are predicting that due to its wider appeal and fan base, the concert film “Taylor Swift: The Tour of the Age” could do better than the $31 million Hannah Montana film, which was a Disney Channel property targeted at more young audience.

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