Predator already has a title and release date

We finally have new information on the Predator movie, which will be a prequel to everything we’ve seen so far.

As we already know, these aliens have been coming to Earth for a long time to hunt down some human beings. Now they will show us much more mythology behind the saga Predator with a new movie.

The film is directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Street, Black Mirror) and now we know it will be titled Prey! (Dam!) and no Skulls as previously rumored. In addition, they have confirmed that it will arrive in summer 2022 and that it will premiere directly in Hulu in the United States, although in other countries it will Disney Plus.

Legion actress, Amber midthunder, will play the main role and next to her will be Stefany mathias and Dakota beavers. While Dane DiLiegro, a basketball player over 2 meters tall who will likely play the Predator, have also joined the cast. The story will take place in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, following Naru, a skilled warrior who fiercely protects her tribe against a highly evolved alien predator.

Streaming is the new home for these franchises.

As we already know, when Disney I buy FOX acquired film rights to some sagas such as Predator or Alien They are not exactly in the vein of the movie studio. However, they know their full potential and streaming platforms are the perfect place for movies and series about these mythical monsters from the history of the big screen.

The last time we saw Predator it was in the movie Shane black of 2018 that was a small box office flop. Since it only raised 160 million dollars with a budget of more than 88 million. So now they want to take such a radical turn and confront the Native Americans of 300 years ago.

Are you looking forward to seeing this Predator movie? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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