Predictions from manicurist Hailey Bieber

Having almost reached its final stage, summer gives way to September, bringing with it all the anticipation of what is to come. main autumn trends. And if the catwalks and behind the scenes provide certainty about what will happen, then interpreting the unknown is the trend watchers who, watching the news that follow each other on social networks, formulate predictions about those that may change, as in fashion , and in the field of fashion. in beauty, in seasonal fashion. The now famous Zola Ganzorigt, known to most under the pseudonym Nails By Zola and as the trusted manicurist of Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Christina Aguilera, Sydney Sweeney and many others, made her contribution to the manicure front. He spoke about this in an interview with the magazine Who wears what, nail trends autumn 2023 it is a mixture of patterns and colors, old and new trends.

Forecasts about manicure trends for fall 2023 from Zola Ganzorigta

The first manicure trend that Zola focuses on, saying they will be back soon, is Aura Nails. It may be a resurgence abroad, but in Italy this trend has taken pride of place among the most popular nail art of summer 2023, as Chiara Ferragni also reminded us of with her multi-color manicure and, as expected by The Nail Coach, with her Korean version of the trend. This only confirms the trend for the next season, however, we prefer softer versions, with a nude or dark base and a color shade in the center.

As with every fall, the manicurist continues, darker shades will return in 2023, including rusty brown, wine red and rusty orange. Let’s move on to forecasts for wedding manicure trends for weddings which will be celebrated in the fall, Zola claims that neutral nuances close to the natural color of the nails will continue to dominate. Of course, the glazed effect will make its way more and more into seasonal manicures precisely because it allows you to add a precious and elegant detail without going overboard.

Let’s move on to the most popular and fashionable forms In the cold season, the master says that these nails will definitely be of medium length and almond-shaped. This is because although they appear natural, their anatomy helps to give impetus to the arm, which will therefore appear more constricted. However, he does not rule out a return to square and short nails, just like the ones he created for Kylie Jenner in the summer.

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