Preformed TikTok, THE Prevent information Hoaks About the Corona Virus


The ORGANIZATION To stop World health, THE want to, of course, a number of errors, the information about the corona virus. Related to the taken measures, surprisingly.

Quoted from the pages of engadget, who have joined forces with the tiktok, and upload your first video, with the goal of the risk to reduce the spread of Covid-19 or corona virus, and to inform you of some news about corona

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THE TikTok, to prevent information about the corona virus (photo: screenshot TikTok WHO)

In the video, WHICH explains how you can protect yourself and others against the corona virus. How do you use masks, and how necessary the mask is worn or not.

In addition, the WHO stresses also, if you need a mask if you don’t have the symptoms.

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A Video that is not in competition with the tutorial dance latest or video-political commentary, but get a lot of attention from the user, TikTok.

It is obvious from the first video, which has 6.5 million Viewerswhile the second video is about 252,000 has Viewers.

Corona Virus causes panic in various parts of the world (photo: propakistani)

Based on the video, Gizmodo mecatat this is not the organization of the first world, the fight with the Ticktock to the wrong information.

As previously, The Red cross and UNICEF have been active. However, it is important for dealing with a variety of social networking since the beginning.

Related corona virus even before it infects a user, TikTok, claiming falsely to have been a virus, or the panic spread. It also give effects that are very harmful for the society because of the TikTok is one of the applications with the largest user in the world.

In response, the Tac provides quick access to reliable sources, including the WHO, to people that you are looking for red label Corona. The presence of the owners is very important to get the facts straight associated corona-virus. (Ryn)

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