Pregnant news anchor dies of severe pneumonia Grupo Milenio

Elaine da Silva, News reporter from Brazil, died pregnant After battling pneumonia, here’s how he’s letting people know

this information used to be Confirmed by TV host Author: Canção Nova, Paula Guimaraeshe said at the start of his TV show: “We are all heartbroken this morning. We have just received the news that our beloved Elaine has passed away.”

According to first reports, on Monday, November 20, reporter Hospitalized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Because he suffered from respiratory problems, according to Cançao Nova, the Catholic television network where he works.

da silva have 38 years old, 23rd week of pregnancy. you have left Her husband, Fernando Carvalho, and their one-year-old son, Leo.

sad news triggered hundreds of peoplePeople who knew her took to social networks Mourning your loss, In addition to expressing my condolences to his family.

One of his colleagues, Reinaldo César, reported to digital magazine quam magazine, He described Elaine as someone who always had a smile on her face. for any situation.

“She loved life, her family, Our Lady of Aparecida, nature, animals… She was passionate about journalism. She always had an expression of hope,” Reynaldo added.

The Daily Mail revealed that the news anchor died Three years ago, she suffered a spontaneous miscarriage of her first child.

The famous TV presenter was losing a lot of blood when people close to him discovered that he was losing a lot of blood. They called emergency services and she was taken to the emergency room. She underwent emergency surgery but the baby was not saved.

Paolini, an acquaintance of Elaine, said that probably before the driver died met her baby, knew it was a boy, and “They called him Theo. ”

“At that moment, I was so shocked that I cried secretly,” Paolini added.


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