Premieres HBO the 8 to the 14 of June: All the movies and series – News series


‘Veronica Mars’, ‘I Could destroy you’, ‘The Dark Tower’… These and other titles will join the platform in ‘streaming’ soon.

As every week, the platforms add new titles to your catalog. Movies and series with which you’ll be able to spend hours enjoying the different stories according to your taste and be safe a little bit of heat that brings June. HBO sum more fictions and films to their platform in ‘streaming’ in the week of 8th to 14th of this month and will have all their premieres so that you can get prepared for what is to come.

Premieres HBO June 2020: All movies, series and documentaries

From the new series Could he have destroyed thee and the ‘revival’ of Veronica Mars with its fourth season to films like the adaptation of the saga of Stephen King The Dark Tower or dramas as Loving and Imperium. Then, you can take a look at all of the titles that premiered HBO the week from 8 to 14 June.


Arabella Essiedu is the protagonist of Could he have destroyed theea girl who has been made famous by the contents of ‘online’ that makes it about video games. Considered the voice of his generation, his life has become synonymous with success by publishing books and by exploiting his image. However, everything changes when sexually assaulted. While you try to live with what happened, Arabella is adentará on a journey of self-discovery. Michaela Coel, Lewis Reeves and Harriet Webb star in this fiction that you have created your own Coel.

Premiere: 8 of June.


Veronica Mars – Season 4

The detective created by Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars is back with a fourth season by way of ‘revival’. Kristen Bell gets back into the skin of the protagonist, but in his adulthood. On this occasion, Veronica and her father Keith continue working as private investigators in Neptune (California), and they must resolve an attack against a hotel on the beach side in which a pump has left victims. In addition to Bell, also returning to the cast Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring.

Premiere: June 12.

Camp magic – Season 1

Animation series set in a world full of animals, anthropomorphic. The protagonists are an elephant named Oscar Peltzer and a hedgehog who goes by the name Hedgehog. The summer comes and both go to a camp in which they occur very strange things: sharks that speak, witches, horses that can take the form of unicorns… But Oscar and Hedgehog propose something: that your days in this place to be memorable. Created by Julia Pott, the fictional account, with the voices of Elliott Smith, Asher Bishop and Oona Laurence.

Premiere: June 12.


The Dark Tower

Adaptation of the famous saga novels of Stephen Kingthe film follows Roland Deschainthe last member of an important order of chivalry known as The Gunmen. Your mission is to reach The Dark Tower, a place at the crossroads of all universes. Coming on the heels is the villain, known with the name of The Man in Black, whose aim is to destroy this building. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey star in the film directed Nikolaj Arcel.

Premiere: 9 June.

The player

Directed by Rupert Wyatt, The player it stars Mark Wahlberg and follows a literature professor with a gambling problem. Because of his compulsive gambling, Jim Bennett you have a lot of debts, to be able to pay, have led him to enter in contact with people not recommended. To be able to resolve your situation, decide to venture into the lower depths of the city, something that will worsen it all. Brie Larson and John Goodman star in this film alongside Wahlberg.

Premiere: June 12.


Nate Foster is an FBI agent with a dangerous mission: to infiltrate a group of neo-nazis who are building a radiological bomb. To be able to stop them the feet, the protagonist must acquire a new identity and maintain their principles. Daniel Radcliffe gets into the skin of Nate Foster in this film, directed by Daniel Ragussis. Toni Collette and Tracy Letts accompany him in the deal.

Premiere: June 12.


Set in 1958 in Virginia (united States), Loving it is the story of an interracial marriage in a time in which these are prohibited. When Mildred, a black woman, is pregnant Richard, a white man, the couple decided to move to Washington to marry and give a future to your child. But when they decide to return home, they are arrested and must choose between staying in Washington or stay with his family and face a jail sentence. Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga and Marton Csokas star in this film directed by Jeff Nichols.

Premiere: June 12.

Looney Tunes: back in action

Bugs Bunny and your friend Daffy Duck work for Warner Bros., but the latter decides to go for the treatment that he is receiving his partner and he is not. The famous duck will join a ranger to a jury and the apprentice dual action called D. J. Drake that will just be dismissed. But at its worst, D. J. discovers that his father, a former movie star, was a secret agent who was looking for the Diamond of the Ape Blue, but that was kidnapped by the evil Mr. President. Together, they embark in an adventure to find the precious gem while the film studio asks Bugs Bunny and the producer Kate Houghton bring back to the daffy Duck. Jenna Elfman, Timothy Dalton, and Steve Martin star in this film directed by Joe Dante.

Premiere: June 12.