Prepare a perfect omelet with these easy and sure-fire tips from Karlos Arguiñano

How delicious fried eggs are, and their runny juicy yolk ready to dip bread, it’s clear, crisp to the touch. In fact, eggs are one of many dishes we eat every day, such as chickpea or pasta salads, Cuban rice, salmorejo, and now they even appear on some people’s toast for breakfast. indeed, Making a perfect omelet is not as easy as it seems.

Eggs are often cracked, overcooked, undercooked, or stuck together when they fall into the pan, ruining the entire dish. That’s why we’ve hired a well-known chef to teach homemade, easy and delicious recipes. We are talking about Carlos Aguignano.take notes his tricks and secrets That way the next omelette you prepare will have 10.

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