Prepare-Phase input 3-for-Covid-19 in Mexico


Photo archive of the conference in the morning, in the National Palace
Photo archive of the conference in the morning, in the National Palace
Photo archive of the conference in the morning, in the National Palace

MEXICO (Notimex).- The holder of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported that in the virtual meetings that have been held between the secretaries of the Federal Government, the 30 governors, the governor and the head of Government of the City of Mexico to establish agreements to join together to the input to Phase 3 of the coronavirus Covid-19.

During the conference the morning of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the chancellor explained that in the meetings with the heads of state and mandated explain the decisions that are taken from the federation and the headlines in the states express their concerns and needs.

“We are already entering the most important phase of this emergency, that’s why we must be very well communicated and try to help each other; the first solidarity needed between us the mexicans, this was the instruction that we gave the president,” he said.

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“We don’t see it as a political struggle but as an essential dialogue to be more effective and of course, we have similar concerns; for example, we’re fans; we already saw that, and how we are going to organize better so that the fans do not we are missing and that need to be distributed in the best way,” said Ebrard.

The holder of the SRE stated that the leaders have also touched upon the topic of tests PCR (Chain Reaction of the Polymerase, silgas in English) to detect the coronavirus; plus from the federal government, it also asks them to explain measures that have been taken, which Ebrard said to have been “intelligent and precautionary”.

The chancellor stated that since the establishment of the declaration of public health emergency at the national level, it was considered the high cost to the economy, jobs and people, but a call was made to the governors, and governors to join in decisions to have results.

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“The decision was made to the declaration, suspend the activities and this has a very high cost for the economy, for jobs, for the people. We need to all participate to make this a success, if in a city, we achieved a very significant reduction, and in another not, because it loses the job of all of us, so we’re in the same boat,” he said.

“In these dialogues we have reviewed as is the activity in each city, that measures should we take to reduce the activity where it is the average that we would like and in summary I would say that they have been very positive,” the dialogues, exposed Ebrard.

This Thursday is held the third virtual meeting with governors of southern states, and in this week established two more; one with the entities of the north and northwest and the other to the central, western and bajio.

“Today we already have a system that is more cohesive response towards the pandemic. We’re integrating everything, to have the information to know how many beds you have available, how many patients we have, to react in the best way and anticipate what will come in the next few days”, puntulizó the chancellor.

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