Presidency will support Smes to economic blow by Covid-19


Looking for a background that is somehow supported by National Financial for the private banking can provide credit to Smes, explained the president of the CCE, Carlos Salazar.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced for entrepreneurs next Sunday will announce the supports that will be small and medium-sized enterprises (Smes) to overcome the economic crisis that was unleashed by the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 at the global level.

When you leave a meeting with the president in the National Palace, the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar Lomelín, and Francisco Cervantes, president of the Confederation of Chambers of Industry (Concamin), explained part of what is proposed to help small entrepreneurs.

“Our proposal basically is to support the country’s small businesses, support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, try that has a background that is somehow supported by National Financial (Nafinsa) for the private banking can provide credit to these organizations that they are without income and are that they can maintain employment,” explained Salazar Lomelín.

While Francisco Cervantes said that “the president did priorizo, said: the most in need of support are smes, that is, he at all times insisted on Smes and remember that 90 percent of the jobs generated by Smes, the Sunday, he’s going to give a very important announcement to five in the afternoon”.

Explained, also, that in the meeting with Lopez Obrador, the president told them that not endeudaría the country face of the economic crisis and health derived from the coronavirus.

“Did you at any time asked to endeude the country to support the business?”, asked to Cervantes.

“Yes, if that ask, the truth, but he his policy from the beginning is to not be in deficit, that yes, he is very strong in that part,” he replied.

The employer explained that they will wait to may to find out what is happening to the economy during April in order to evaluate from where will come the resources to be able to support micro and small businesses, which are the objective support of Lopez Obrador.

Francisco Cervantes indicated that to continue with the assessment of the economic scenario declared themselves in permanent session and are a “telefonazo” to set up meetings between members of the private initiative, and members of the cabinet, even, revealed that tomorrow will be another encounter.

“We’re going to be in permanent session to see the behavior day-to-day to see in which sectors they can support. We are in permanent session with Alfonso Romo, also with Marcelo Ebrard to go looking for what is the best way for us not to stick”, spoke.

Cervantes estimated that, by the sanitary contingency, that forcing the closure of firms, non-essentiala million 170 thousand fall the curtain, which is not estimated how many will reopen.

In addition, he said that by the stage that we are currently experiencing, “the economy itself may fall, what I can say is that we can lose up to four points of Gross Domestic Product”.

The meeting with president López Obrador, who lasted little more than three hours, also came to Antonio del Valle, president of the Mexican Council of Business and Luis Niño de Rivera, president of the Association of Banks of Mexico.

By the federal government, was present also the chief of the Office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo Garza. (Ntx)

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