President López Obrador will not be the test of Covid-19: Secretariat of Health


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador will not be the test for the coronavirus to though have had contact last week with the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, which on Saturday announced that he gave positive Covid-19.

So announced this night the the assistant secretary for Health, Hugo López-Gatell , during the press conference daily about the update of the figures of the pandemic in Mexico.

Does not apply because the period relevant contagiousness it begins in the moment in which begins to have symptoms, ” he said.

The official noted that the probability of contagion during the days of incubation the disease is very lowso that it is not necessary to the president the test is performed.

He pointed out that the review for diagnose coronavirus has a very low performance if the patient suspect no symptoms.

Omar Fayad present was the March 18, in the conference in the early morning of the president López Obrador in National Palace.

And is that the more early, the governor of the state of Hidalgoreported that gave positive an examination of coronavirus. He has been one of the leaders has implemented several actions for combat the pandemic.

This Saturday, through his Twitter account, Fayad confirmed that he contracted the virus, which has whipped the world in the last few months. Commented that already is in quarantine in your home.

He pointed out that, he as the people it has had contacthave followed the protocols establishing the Secretariat of Health (SSa).

Between the actions that has made the governor hidalguense languages are the install a hospital inflatable for address the patients with coronavirus. Located in the city of Pachuca, the sanatorium account with areas of intensive therapyof intermediate care and observation.

Also the government this entity has installed thermal imaging cameras at the points of greatest influx of peopleas the central bus of Pachuca and the Tuzobús, Integrated system of Massive Transport of Hidalgo. This with the purpose of identify suspicious cases and proceed according to the medical protocols.

In their social networks, the former president Felipe Calderon he wrote that it would be better that AMLO is to apply the test:

“I wish that President @lopezobrador_ is well and has not been infected, given your recent contact with the governor @omarfayad, you have #coronavirus. Any speculation about the President’s health is resolved with a test that can be faster, better know”, he wrote.

Just last night, the president Lopez Obrador urged the mexican to “stay at home” for avoid the spread the new coronavirus.

Through a message spread on your social networks, the president turned radically in which he had been his political response to the disease until now, after a increase of cases and deaths by the pandemic. Until recently a few daysthe contractor was recommending the population exit to the street and in their activities gave the hand, kisses and hugsdespite the health recommendations.

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