Press Play – Music of our life: the plot and the cast of the film

YouThe last meeting of a series of romantic films and television films on Rai 1 with the unmistakable title: direction of love. This evening, at 21.20 will be broadcast Press Play – Music of our lifea love comedy that, to the sound of songs, reflects on time and a second chance at life..

Emma Thompson doesn't believe in romantic love: 'It's a myth and it's dangerous'

Emma Thompson doesn't believe in romantic love: 'It's a myth and it's dangerous'

Press Play – Music of our lifescenario

Laura (Clara Rugaard) is a young artist who, four years after her boyfriend’s disappearance, suddenly discovers she can travel through time.. How? Thanks to an audio recording made with the boy before his death. Previously, her best friend Chloe (Lyrika Okano) introduced her to Harrison (Lewis Pullman) and Laura would never have thought to meet her soul mate. But unfortunately, a boy dies in a tragic accident on his birthday, leaving a young woman an unfilled void.

Years later, at Chloe’s wedding, a girl finds an audio cassette created with Harrison and while listening to the first track, something unthinkable happens. Laura she was transported to the moment when she first heard this song with her boyfriend. After the initial shock of time travel and finding herself in the arms of the love of her life, Laura realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and prevent Harrison’s tragic fate. Will he succeed?

Clara Rugaard and Lewis Pullman in a scene from Press Play – The Music of Our Lives. (Courtesy of Avenue)

A film that thinks about time

As everyone knows music has the ability to transcend time and transport us into the past, forcing us to remember good or bad times.. This amazing ability is just one of the many topics presented in Press Play – Music of our lifewritten and directed by Greg Bjorkman, which also focuses on grief and loss. In fact, the film not only focuses on the complexities of time travel, but also wants to reflect on the second chance that life offers us.. The film is set in a sunny location in Hawaii. great alchemy between the two protagonists, redeeming the sometimes sugary scenario very well and too focused on their relationships than on individuals.

Despite these minor shortcomings, the movie is romantic and enjoyable, thanks also to the eclectic indie soundtrack and the fun interludes suggested by her friend Chloe.. Something similar to It’s a question of time with Rachel McAdams Press Play – Music of our lifeit’s about how hard it is to let go and break the expectations you place on yourself“, – stated the director. “I wanted to make a film that could entertain the audience, but at the same time invite them to understand how important it is not to cling to certain goals. My life experience made me realize that it is impossible to control what they do or other people think. If we expect to be in control of everything, we will be disappointed.“.

Clara Rugaard in “Press Play – The Music of Our Lives”. (Courtesy of Avenue)

Starring Clara Rugaard and Lewis Pullman.

Danish actress and singer born in 1997. Clara from an early age became famous in her homeland for voicing the heroine Violet in the Disney series of the same name. After moving to London at the age of 18, she begins to be noticed by a number of insiders, and then, after a bit of training, in 2022 she is offered main role in the series The Rising – The Hunt for My Killer although we recently saw her in the sixth season Black mirror.

As for Lewis Pullman, the young man is the son of the great actor Bill Pullmanprotagonist of such masterpieces as Lost roads David Lynch, but also in cult romantic comedies such as Self love with Sandra Bullock. Lewis, born in 1993, last year it was noted in Top Shooter: Maverick and in the series Catch 22. At the Venice Film Festival, which starts very soon, we will instead see him among the main characters Kane Mutiny Court Martiallast film by recently deceased director William Friedkins.


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