Preview of “Six Sisters” July 18, Adela was released from prison, but…

Sey Sorel returns with a new episode on July 18 on Rai 1, starting at 16:10.. The Spanish telenovela has been broadcast on Rai since 2015 and is still a huge hit with the public. We are providing you with a spoiler-free preview so as not to ruin your viewing experience.

Diana has to try one last time to scold Salvador: Adela finds herself back in Sylvia’s house, and Elisa finds herself in a difficult situation against her sisters. Of course, there will be some very disturbing consequences that will affect everyone involved. The situation may suddenly worsen and make the journey even more difficult.

Six Sisters, preview July 18

In Six Sisters, Diana will continue to not tolerate Salvador’s behavior because he is considered too lenient towards Don Ricardo.. The past is absolutely impossible to forget, and so Sylvia finds herself in difficult situations to see if they will know that a kiss will finally be remembered by a woman.

Raimundo will have to prove his abilities as a bartender and try to explain to Ambigu’s managers what his qualities are, trying to negotiate and find a solution. What he really wants is to find a way to get a job, find a solution and get results. This will not be easy as the situation can quickly get out of control.

Adela, on the other hand, will leave prison convinced that her sentence is over. Despite this, once she returns to the palace, she is speechless when she notices that Elisa took her mother’s painting in agreement with the sisters and Don Ricardo, although Adela herself was unaware of what was happening. Will they then argue and what will they say to each other to reach a decision? Today’s episode will tell us about this.

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