Price of dollar today in Mexico is trading above 25 pesos


Mexico city /

After the speech the evening of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the mexican peso, received a new blow on the part of the dollar, as the greenback is sold to 25.31 weights.

The above, because in the international marketsaccording to specialists of the matter, there was a “deception” on the part of the participants themselves, not listen to the representative in what will be the economic plan to alleviate the situation in Mexico due to the Pandemic Covid-19.

The 25.31 pesos that it costs the dollar this Sunday, they were just 15 cents match the historical maximum of 25.46 weights, which came in last March 24,.

It is worth mentioning that the fall of the oil prices due to the theme of the Coronavirus also struck the weight, and before the speech of the Workshop was to 25.22 units to the us dollar.

On the other hand, the president Obrador reported in his speech that during the “transitory crisis“, will not increase the price of gas, unlike what was done in another type of “crisis”.

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