Prime minister silvio Berlusconi is unacceptable, to force a Constitution on the pretext of coronavirus


In a letter to The Press, prime minister silvio Berlusconi says that the government of the Count, “has been here chosen to be to prevent the parliamentary proceedingswith the use of the instrument, of the Dpcm, but it is not for this to be won on the speed and / or efficiency of decision-making”. A vote in the meeting Rooms, with the intention of the opposition in order to avoid this, it is obvious that, in every attitude of obstruction, it would have stretched, in any case, the timing of the decisions, and, in some cases, it was necessary, but many times, it has proven to be a both unnecessary and ineffective and with that, the debate in the Parliament could be improved and refined.

The leader of Forza Italia, reiterates, therefore, the will of the working with the government but, he explains, “it is precisely because of this judge’s mind-boggling about the merits of, and that is unacceptable in the background of the decision-making process in order to force back the Constitution and the transparency of the democratic process”. Prime minister silvio Berlusconi don’t you see, “the danger of a design authority on the grounds of the Covid-19, but it argues that, in a democracy, “the form is the content”. And then, all of a provision to co-operate, and from there to the front, it will be “very closely connected” with the respect to the sovereignty of the people, and from each of them a chance to extend the state of emergency.

The battle against the Covid-19 she said she’s prime minister silvio Berlusconi, it is still not finished, as it shows the rate of cases of recovery in different regions. Against the disastrous economic effects of this situation, it is only the beginning, and it’s not looking good at all. Today, more than ever before, it is the responsibility of the trial with transparency and in strict compliance with the rules.