Prince Achileus of Greece, photo from the film with Jennifer Lawrence

The international press has already dubbed him the James Dean of the European aristocracy due to his (vague) resemblance to the American actor. Prince Ahileas of Greece22, the third child of the award-winning couple formed by Prince Paul Grechesky and his wife, socialite Marie-Chantal Miller, in fact, much more than a blurry copy of an actor from the past: a young man who just graduated with honors from the Faculty of Literature in New York, was born into one of the oldest noble families of the Old Continent, which, although not a throne or kingdom to lead, retained his contacts with the kings and queens of Europe. The Greek monarchy essentially went into decline in the 1970s, and Prince Paul, who would have been heir to the throne, is today just a successful businessman, albeit one with noble birth and relatives scattered across thrones around the world.

His wife, Marie-Chantal, was also born into one of the richest families in Manhattan (her sisters Alexandra von Furstenberg AND Pia Getty, both, as their last names suggest, are married to fashion and publishing moguls). Five children – Ahileas the third, there is also Maria Olympia, a professional influencer and model, Konstatin-Alexios (Poppy’s boyfriend Delevingne)Odysseus and Aristides, Jr., the couple maintain ties with the prince’s homeland and actively participate in the most important international royal events, demonstrating tiaras and precious jewels that have nothing to envy those hidden in Windsor chests.

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Part of Achileus’ family reunited for his graduation


But back to his son Achileus: after working as a model, the prince also came to Hollywood, where he got a role in No hard feelings With Jennifer Lawrence. “I’m proud of this small role, running to the movies to see the movie,” he told the nearly 500,000 followers who follow his adventures around the world on Instagram.

Engaged to British model and photographer Isabella MassenetThe daughter of the founders of Net-a-Porter, this is not the first time Ahileas has been in front of the camera: she has also appeared in some episodes of the soap opera in the past. Beautiful.

Not exactly a large briefcase, but a prince without a crown and without a kingdom certainly did not bother: just think that tatler, the bible of the aristocracy, included him in 2020 in the list of the most desirable royal bachelors. In a word, Hollywood or not, but the career of Ahileas is already on the way to success, as is the career of her older sister Olympia, who is in demand at the most glamorous events in the world. Passionate about skiing, motocross and dancing, the Greek prince is one of the most popular names among European nobility: we will still be hearing about him in movies, on catwalks and on social media.

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