Prince Harry, DiCaprio and David Beckham: parterre of stars in the stadium for Messi

LONDON – A gathering of stars on and off the field for Inter Miami’s game in Los Angeles, the pinnacle of American Pro Football League play over the weekend. The tournament resumed with the arrival of Leo Messi in the Florida team, and it was the Flea, as it was called the Ballon d’Or of world football several times, that attracted a star-studded ground worthy of Hollywood to the stadium.


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First of all, the event was attended by Prince Harry, who gave the impression of a very cheerful, thereby refuting the rumors that circulated in the summer about a quarrel with David Beckham, the former English football champion, owner of Inter. Do you love me. . The London tabloids wrote that Harry and Meghan were annoyed by alleged careless actions towards them by David and his wife Victoria, a former Spice Girls singer: all this is a lie, as is often the case in the tabloids and especially when it comes to attacks on Harry and Megan. loathed by the British popular press, whose newspapers the couple have repeatedly sued since moving to California.

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our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

According to a pre-match press release, Meghan Markle was also supposed to be in the stands, but she was absent, obviously for other obligations. Harry’s company, in addition to Beckham, was Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and Selena Gomez. Messi attracted everyone and they weren’t disappointed: La Pulse didn’t score but provided two decisive assists in Inter Miami’s 3-1 win over the hosts, thus continuing the streak of positive results since Beckham brought the former Argentine to America . – scorer of “Barcelona” and “PSG”.

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