Prince Harry ‘Distraught’ Over Losing Military Titles

Prince Harry

The Queen warned Prince Harry not to have any expectations that he will keep his military titles.

“Those of us who speak to Buckingham Palace on a regular basis has been very clearly informed that this will not happen,” a source told The Royal Beat.

Harry had amassed multiple titles over the years, including Captain-General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Commander of the Air Force of Royal Honington Air Force Base, and Honorary Commodore-in-Chief of Small Ships and Diving of the Naval Commandos. Real.

However, with his departure from the royal family, the Queen is less than willing for him to keep those titles.

“I can’t see that he can. He cannot be with ‘one foot in and one foot out’. They are honorary titles and you must be a member of the working Royal Family and they [Harry and Meghan Markle] have chosen another path. ” a source told the Daily Mirror.

The possible loss of titles reportedly left the Duke of Sussex in distress.

A source told Finding Freedom that for Harry it was a “hard pill to swallow” and that it was the most painful thing Meghan Markle saw her husband go by.