Prince Harry’s reaction to the stadium was stormy

Match between Los Angeles and Inter Miami saw incredible things at the stadium VIP Parade. Many wanted to watch the match in which they saw the champion of Argentina Messi challenge the formation in which he plays Giorgio Chiellini.

Prince Harry’s reaction

Challenge won Inter Miami 3-1, thanks to goals from Farias, Jordi Alba and Leonardo Campana. Those present at the stadium could admire Messi for ninety minutes of the game, this was also recorded by cameras. provoked reaction of Prince Harry of England.

Which VIPs are present at the stadium?

Many celebrities are present at the Los Angeles Stadium, starting from one Selena Gomez who constantly followed what was happening on the field. Among the many were Leonardo DiCaprio, Mario Lopez, Tom Holland, Tom Ellis, Will Ferrell, Toby McGuireand also wild Owen Wilson who stood in line to ask Messi for an autograph. And among sports champions too James Harden, LeBron James and Magic Johnson.

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