“Prince of Montenegro” Stefan Chernetich acquitted. Diplomatic passes and fake stamps? Referee: “It was just a boast”

In his album, he boasted of footage with Pamela. AndersonCarlo krakkoFlavio Briatoremonsignor Parolin and even Albert Monaco. However, the way he interacted with these characters came under close scrutiny from justices of the peace, who charged and tried him for false materials, forgery of documents, state seals, and fingerprints. Now Stefan Chernetichhit the headlines as false prince Montenegro and Macedonia can breathe a sigh of relief: last April Court of Turin he dropped all charges against him “because the fact does not exist.” For the judge Rosanna LaRosaordering the return of the seized materials, Chernetich was not an avid counterfeiter: rather a man led by “simple boast”whose “ostentatious behavior” “does not have criminal significance, although, of course, it is capable of misleading people with whom the defendant communicates.”

The case originated in 2016 after reporting from Carabinieri of Brindisi to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In July of the same year, Chernetik went to a prestigious competition. relay From Fasanoguest of a businessman from Bari, on board Mercedes with flags Montenegro and the abbreviation “CD” (diplomatic corps). He demonstrated what at first glance the staff thought diplomatic pass and at the end of his stay he left an invoice for payment with instructions to send itEmbassy of Macedonia in Italy. At the request of the owners, real diplomats responded to the spades and warned Farnesina.

In this moment Prosecutor’s Office of Turinwhere Chernetik lives and could have committed the disputed crimes, opened a case and ordered search in his apartment. There, the military found and seized several uniforms for wax seals and materials for their manufacture, as well as stickers and brochures with coat of arms Royal House of Montenegro. The materials were entered into the minutes of the court sessions and examined by the Court, which, first of all, had to assess the authenticity of the headlines stated “prince”. With an unexpected result: upon careful study of the historiographic and heraldic material presented by the defense, Chernetik really turned out to be a descendant of the family that reigned in Montenegro AND Fruit salad between 1600 and 1700, whose coat of arms is very similar to that of Montenegro. The judge also confirmed that the defendant never appeared, citing “republic”but only in royal house of this state.

Cernetic’s own stamps were used on “documents with no legal effect” such as a certificate, according to the verdict. ‘Countess of Lilies’ presented to Pamela Anderson (complete with sword and investiture) in the presence of the mayor of Santa Margherita Ligure. So, not fake documents, but scraps of paper that could only be framed and hung on the wall as a keepsake. As for the pass, Černetić told the referee that it was “pass through” released by one Austrian NGO actively engaged in the defense of human rights in order to allow him to participate in diplomatic initiatives and humanitarian. The document by which he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the International Civil Protection Organization in the Principality of Monaco is also authentic (although without legal significance). What gave the investigation a head start was not the only “latch”: in the company of what he called his “ambassador” (who had precedents of fraud), the “prince” traveled half of Europe and maintained relations with politicians, show business stars and high clergymen. Has everyone been deceived? Maybe from weaverbut not from falsifier.

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