Prince William Breaks the Silence and Responds to Meghan Markle: “We Are Not a Racist Family”

Prince William and his brother Prince Harry are not communicating at the moment.

The eldest son of Princess Diana has also confirmed that at the moment he does not speak with his younger brother

Prince William was walking with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton when journalists approached them to question him about the statements made by Meghan Markle, where he exposes that he suffered racism from the British royal family. The couple was leaving Stratford, after thanking teachers for reopening schools in London, when the prince was approached. On this occasion, William was not silent and his response was forceful: “We are not a racist family .” 

In the following Twitter link you can see the moment in which Princess Diana’s eldest son hears the journalist’s question, and how, even without stopping, he decides to answer.

The prince also made it clear that so far he has not had any conversation with his brother, Prince Harry. During the interview with Oprah, Harry explained that they do not maintain communication at the moment, but assured them that possibly in the future they would have contact again.

“I haven’t talked to him yet, but I sure will, ” William said of talking to Harry.

Kate Middleton, for her part, stayed completely aloof and oblivious to this conversation. The Duchess turned a deaf ear to questions from the press. Her image, after Meghan Markle’s statements, has also been damaged, since she exposed that on the day of her wedding with Harry, Kate made her cry. Something that the future queen of England, for now, has not wanted to argue.