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Prince William’s friends call Meghan Markle a “nightmare”

The relationship between Prince William and Prince Henry is in one of its most difficult moments. The brothers will have to face each other next Thursday, July 1, at the tribute to their mother, Lady Di, which will take place in London with the inauguration of her statue. This fact occurs in the worst of times for them, although many blame this distancing on the wife of the youngest of them, Meghan Markle, whom they have come to define as a “nightmare.”

They have been the friends of Prince William, brother-in-law of the Duchess of Sussex, who have spoken with the journalist Robert Lacey of the Daily Mail to explain how things are between the two brothers and what role Meghan Markle has played in their separation.

“Meghan can be a nightmare at 500%,” they firmly assured, also explaining that the actress who starred in the series Suits never got to fit in the environment of her husband, Prince Harry. Her lack of understanding of her husband’s relationship was, according to these sources, what led the couple to leave the court and go to live in the United States.

Guillermo and Enrique have been distancing themselves to such an extent that their environment is very concerned about their lack of relationship. “The rage between the two is incredibly deep. Too many harsh and hurtful things have been said, ”Lacey wrote after speaking with friends of the Duke of Cambridge.

Catalina brings Guillermo and Enrique closer

In fact, when Enrique traveled to London to attend the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh almost three months ago, there was talk that there had been a rapprochement between them. Well, the sources managed by the journalist assure that this is not true and that the coldness continues to be installed between the two.

However, the royal family does not have an impassive attitude towards this reality and they affirm that they want these problems to be solved as soon as possible. “It is a painful subject since the friends of both feel sorry for each other for the events that they have experienced, that they are witnessing and that they are looking for a way to end the gap between the brothers,” they commented.

On July 1, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Diana of Wales, a statue will be inaugurated in her honor and both brothers appear together in public. Despite having asked to make separate speeches, many hope that such a significant event will bring about the rapprochement that so many crave.

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