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Principles of Dogecoin – DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz

Dogecoin was a cryptocurrency invented and founded in 2013 by software engineers, and although originally its invention was comic and as a joke, curiously it became popular and its commercial prices increased considerably.

This 2021 was a year in which there were important events and changes related to this digital currency, there were notable fluctuations in its commercial value, significantly increased public interest and investment in them. Like any other digital currency, since its inception it has undergone changes, both in its value and in the investment in these cryptocurrencies, changes that have been increasing significantly, and it is estimated that they will continue to increase.

It is important that before trading and trading with any digital currency, including Dogecoin, a set of important knowledge and principles is taken into account about them, such as the history, characteristics, and everything related to investing in cryptocurrencies, which will allow the trader a successful trade, with good monetary benefits when trading and exchanging for real values.

What is this cryptocurrency called Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an open source digital currency, invented almost a decade ago. Like many other digital currencies it works with blockchain technology. Originally the presentation and appearance of the Dogecoin image was inspired by the Shiba Inu breed dog, the dog of the famous meme. The same image that appears on the coin.

It was originally created for comic purposes, perhaps that had an impact on the little public attention that the coin had for a long time, during its first years after its invention. During its first five years, the coin was worth about one-fifth of a penny on the dollar.

It had an increase in popularity at the same time as there was an increase in retail investment, this happened throughout the pandemic era. As well as one there was a notable increase in the attention of important people through social networks and the media. What positively influenced the popularity of this cryptocurrency. There was a significant increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, approximately 10% to 15% of its initial value, standing at 74 cents.

Special details of the Dogecoin

This cryptocurrency is distinguished from others, due to its special characteristics, one of which is that an infinite number of Dogecoins can be extracted, unlike other more well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which only allow to own a certain limit number of coins. Another of the special qualities of this cryptocurrency is that they are extracted notably faster than others when it is obtained with Scrypt technology.

Originally, when the coin was created and announced, there was talk and tried to get a finite number of coins for supply, but over time, the creators changed their minds and removed that limit, giving way to an infinite number of coins. . There are currently approximately 130 million Dogecoins circulating in the world.

Where to buy Dogecoins?

It is possible to trade on some of the Forex sites and different brokers, such as digital currency markets, and brokerage houses.

These digital currencies can be traded using digital methods, such as debit and credit cards. In addition to the value of the coins, certain types of commercial commission fees may have to be paid, depending on the way and the medium in which the purchases are made. These purchases have an estimated time of one hour to be made. Again it all depends on the form and means used to make the purchase.

Every trader is advised to have a good management and control of these cryptocurrencies, through the appropriate tools, resorting to one of the many wallets or making use of one of the currently available cryptographic wallets, to keep the form of entry safe. their cryptocurrencies. Another very good option, and considered one of the safest and most practical, are hard drives, in which you can keep the keys and information that allow entry and access to cryptocurrencies, since they are offline and avoid any security vulnerabilities or any unwanted entry from an outsider.

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