Priority Care for Complex Diseases on Senate Agenda

Lcancer patient meeting approvedDepartures as subject of special constitutional protection.

Edwin Gutierrez

Bogota District.,August 1, 2023.Two bills aimed at prevention, timely diagnosis and guaranteed comprehensive care for Colombians suffering from cancer or infected with HIV, hepatitis B or sexually transmitted diseases They were unanimously approved by the full Senate.

“This initiative is for those cancer patients who survive, but there are many who do not due to lack of care. It is to avoid delays in the healthcare system when a patient is diagnosed with cancer. Without the right, timely treatment cannot be obtained.anyone’, explained the Green Coalition factory senatorwillDiaz Silver, Author and speaker on the project.

so, project by sourcehe Considered a special object of constitutional protection for cancer patientsPass toDeliberation by the House of Representatives.

this The plenary meeting also gave the green light to the projector throughhe The Act establishes public policy for HIV, hepatitis B, and HIV prevention, timely diagnosis, and comprehensive care C, andInfect sexually transmitted,who The speech was delivered by Conservative Senator Nadia Blair.

“Unfortunately, this remains a latent and urgent problem in our country. In 2022, 19,600 HIV cases will be registered. From diagnosis to initiation of treatment, each case takes an average of 325 days,” the senator decried . Blair.

text creation National Response Plan so that this public policy i achieved expected result, i.e. That preventGa new infections and reduce in quantity dead victim.

Senator Carlos Julio Gonzalez of Cambio’s Radical Party proposed another article to reassure doctors that they could Specializes in the treatment of such infections and complex diseases.

from elsewhere, Senate plenary passed a billr middlehe which one Incorporated into the Colombian legal system comminicateOnvegno International Labor Organization related to maternity protection.

“Hlet’s call entity Territorial authorities and the different employers in the country so that they promote a friendly space in whichNoNursing mothers able to do their jobs in the workplaceanyone, like in a public placeColombian Senator Lorena Rios of the Liberal Justice Party said.

at last, senator Norma Hurtado of the U Party Attention was drawn to the need to increase the health sector budget in 2024.

“Today’s public network, its users and patients, its staff, its providers are suffocating what the health system is going through. We have increased our budget by 2 trillion pesos, which is not enough, and in fact we Needs 10 trillion pesos to close2023 Science and Technology Festivaldenouncing the Senatorstolen.

More approved projects

at the same session Approved of the National Participation Act in the 200th Anniversary of the Republic this Foundation of the City of Salamina, inside caldas province,author: senator green coalition party guyEcheveri and This countsSpeech by Senator Jose Vincent Carreno, Member of the Democratic Center Party.

also approved Act declaring the municipality of Piedecuesta a National Historic and Cultural Heritage, inside Santander Bank division.Speech report by Senator Gustavodark The initiative was put forward by Senator Fabian Dias of the Green Alliance Party.

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