Prisoners are trained through educational missions

The Minister of Prison Service for People’s Power informed that throughout the country, through the alliance with the Misiones system in education, men and women deprived of liberty throughout the country receive education at different academic levels (primary, plural, university) training, Celsa Bautista Ontiveros.

This was announced via the social network X (Twitter) @CelsaBautistaO, who stated that the initiative aims to change new men and women before society; likewise, those deprived of their liberty also benefit from health days, arts, sports and other disciplines Participation.

On 17 August this year, men and women deprived of their liberty at the Andean Regional Prison Center in Merida received a day of medical care and a tuberculosis screening with the support of the Andean Entity Health Corporation programme, which guarantees participation in general medical consultations.

In addition, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and diet programmes, sexually transmitted infection-HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis programmes, as well as psychiatry, psychology and general laboratory services are carried out.

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