PRO TV – Britney Spears, uninhibited. He posed nude and posted the photo on Instagram

She feels better and better in her skin and does not miss any opportunity to display her forms on social networks.

After more than a decade, Britney Spears (40) managed to free herself from her father’s tutelage, so the star breathes freedom through every pore, undresses, dances lasciviously and flirts confidently to the delight of her fiancé, Sam Asghar ( 27 years old), but also of the followers on Instagram.

Recently, Britney Spears posted on her account a selfie in which the star is naked. With a smoky eyes makeup that emphasizes her provocative look, Britney is sexier than ever. It is easy to understand how much trust her fiancé gives her every day, her main support in physical recovery after a long and gloomy period of life.

The famous blonde turned off the comment option on the post, but that doesn’t mean that the fans didn’t resonate with her, the image gathering hundreds of likes shortly after the post.

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The pop music legend also recently posted on Instagram a video showing you the shapes, wearing a pink swimsuit (see photo gallery). The bustier bra and high-waisted briefs seem to curb her volcanic nature this time, but Britney doesn’t miss the opportunity to play with them and expose her waist, revealing two tattoos, but also her flat abdomen.

“It’s the first time I’ve worn a high-heeled swimsuit… My fiancé admires it, but I’m not sure about it… I’m crazy that I can adjust it, higher or lower, as I want,” he wrote. Britney.

With tanned skin, long blond hair, set aside and a bottle of water in her hand, the star walks lasciviously, like a catwalk. He stops and drinks a mouthful of water, in a provocative way. Filmed by Sam Asghar, Britney Spears feels more beautiful and sexy than ever.

Last year, in November, the pop star regained her freedom under the tutelage of her father, after 13 years of control over her career and life.

Photo: Instagram, Profimediaimages

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