PRO TV – Keanu Reeves, a gesture of millions for the stunts from John Wick! What extravagant gifts he gave them in gratitude

Keanu Reeves, 57, is one of the most discreet and appreciated actors in Hollywood. Both his colleagues and fans admire him for the way he behaves with those who appreciate his work. The other day, however, he outdid himself and made the John Wick stuntmen a big surprise!

Not infrequently he took pictures with the fans, gave them autographs even when he was tired or gave them little surprises that they will not soon forget. The other day, Keanu Reeves proved once again that he really deserves all the praise he received.

Keanu Reeves knows how to behave with teammates! The actor gave away Rolex watches to all the stuntmen who put into practice the spectacular scenes of the character John Wick! 4 stuntmen from Paris, who turned the spectacular movements of the character John Wick into reality, received as a gift, from the actor, Rolex watches, the 2020 Sumbarine model!

The gesture of gratitude cost Keanu Reeves no less than $ 40,000! It seems that the joy that his colleagues felt was more important for the actor than the money held in the bank accounts.

Each stuntman received a personalized watch, which was engraved with the name and number of the scene in which they played. One of the stuntmen was proud on Instagram of the gift he received and wrote that it is the most beautiful gift he has ever received.

Photo source: Gettyimages

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