PRO TV – Kim Kardashian failed the first exam to enter law and knows the reason: bdquo; I’m a loser

In 2019 she proudly announced that she started her courses to become a lawyer, but in 2021 she failed the first exam that allowed her to continue her studies. Kim Kardashian is disappointed with her performance and revealed the reason why she stopped.

Kim Kardashian sees her dream of becoming a lawyer shattered by the difficulty of the first exam. The star revealed in the family show – Keeping Up With the Kardashians – that he failed to pass the test to which the “freshmen” of law are subjected.

Students who attend non-accredited law schools or who are trained in law firms – as is the case with Kim – are required to pass a preliminary examination after the first year of study. This exam is called Baby bar (small exam – for access to the Bar Association).

Kim Kardashian, who enrolled in an internship program at a law firm, was required to take this exam. Unfortunately for her, she got only 474 points, while the required was 560.

I heard that this is harder than the official exam. I’m a loser. I spent 6 weeks, 10-12 hours a day, studying. It was so important for me to pass this exam, and now I’m down to earth. I feel like giving upSaid Kim Kardashian.

This was happening in the summer of 2020, and the star had a second attempt at her disposal, in November. However, it seems that he put the school on a break and postponed the exam for the summer of this year. Just a month ago, he revealed on Instagram (photo above) that he is studying hard for the exam.

Kim Kardashian, aid for life sentences

The starlet’s entry into law is related to her involvement in “correcting” errors in the American judicial system. Taking advantage of her notoriety, Kim Kardashian has called for the release of detainees sentenced to life in prison for offenses far too small for their sentences. In 2019, the year in which he enrolled in Law, managed to free from penitentiaries 17 detainees who had already served decades of detention.

Moreover, the star asked the California authorities to abolish the death penalty, which she considers barbaric. Moreover, Kardashian explained that because of the imperfect judiciary, many innocent people can receive the death penalty.

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