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PRO TV – The reason why Angelina Jolie is always accompanied by her children when shopping

Photos of Angelina Jolie shopping in the supermarket with her children frequently appear in the media. For the paparazzi, it is perhaps the best opportunity to catch the famous family together, especially since the actress does not expose her life on social networks. Which is why Angelina is always accompanied by her children when she goes shopping.

Angelina Jolie is the mother of six children, three of whom are biological and three are adopted. The actress adopted her eldest son Maddox before marrying Pitt in 2002. She was followed by Zahara in 2005. The girl was born in Ethiopia and became an orphan after the death of her HIV-infected mother.

In 2006, Angelina and Brad’s first biological daughter was born, named Shiloh.

A year later, Jolie and Pitt adopted a three-year-old boy in southern Vietnam on Pax Thien.

In 2008, the actress gave birth to twins Vivienne and Knox.

After the divorce of the famous couple, all the children remained to live with their mother. Sometimes Angelina appears in public with all her children, but most often she is seen in stores, in the company of Shiloh and Zahara, the eldest daughters, now 14 and 16 years old, respectively.

Many wonder why the star is often accompanied by her children to the store and makes purchases on their own. The reason is as trivial as possible. In an interview, Angelina told reporters that although she can afford to hire someone to shop, she likes to do it herself. Moreover, the actress says that shopping is a great opportunity to communicate with her daughters. She especially likes to take Zahara and Shilo with her, because both girls are teenagers and can already give her advice on the need to buy an item.
A source close to the family also stated that Agelina does not want to keep her children in a balloon. In her opinion, children should get used to a simple life, just like ordinary people.

Photo source: Getty Images, Instagram

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