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PRO TV – Will Smith, about the weakest film of his career: bdquo; It’s like a thorn in the side

Will Smith can boast a career of over 30 years in film and television. The nice Hollywood actor has won international recognition with films such as “Men in Black”, “Independence Day” or “I Am Legend”.

On the occasion of his 53rd birthday, Will Smith gave an interview to GQ magazine, in which he answered some fans’ curiosities. Thus, the actor revealed, among other things, which is the worst movie in which he played.

“The worst movie is ‘Wild Wild West.’ It’s like a thorn in my side. I don’t like to be seen with chaps (cowboy pants, consisting only of leggings and belt)Said Will Smith.

“Regarding the best film, I think we have a tie between the first part of ‘Men in Black’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’ For various reasons, I think they are almost perfect movies“, Added the actor.

Throughout his career, Will Smith has enjoyed a wide variety of roles, in action movies, comedy or drama. He said he never wanted to star in movies about slavery, that he wanted characters that would be suitable for actors like Tom Cruise.

Soon, the actor will launch his memoirs in the book entitled “WILLIAM”, In which he will make revelations about the difficult relationship with his father.

“I felt it as a combination of completing a stage in my life and the death of my father,” he said. “I could never have said these things about my father who beat my mother. I could never have talked about it while he was alive. “

Photo source: Getty Images, Instagram / willsmith

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