PRO TV – Will Smith’s wife’s rare condition: All I have to do now is laugh

Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, has been suffering from alopecia for three years. She is experiencing massive hair loss and has realized that she does not have many solutions.

Jada Pinkett Smith never hid the fact that her hair was falling out, on the contrary, she made confessions to the fans. For some time now, the actress has been shaving her head and trying to get used to her new look. Which he doesn’t like at all 🙂

The 50-year-old Jada posted a video on Instagram and showed fans a place where her hair doesn’t grow at all. “All I have to do now is laugh,” said Jada, who is laughing.

“You know I suffer from alopecia… Suddenly, suddenly, this stripe appeared on my scalp. I’m going to put some rhinestones in there and I’m going to make a wreath “, the actress joked.

Jada Pinkett Smith is not the only star to suffer from alopecia. British reality show star ZaraLena Jackson experienced the drama of her life two years ago, when in a month and a half she lost all her body hair. She watched as a tuft of hair fell from her head. Her eyelashes and eyebrows soon disappeared. The whole experience was a real “torture” and since then he has been trying to find a solution to grow his hair again. The 29-year-old underwent several treatments, including a hair implant.

“Losing all your hair, especially at this age, makes you feel like a deer in a fight. And not just the hair on my head, but my eyelashes and eyebrows – all of which made me look like a sick man. It’s devastating. I didn’t receive any explanation, I was screaming for help and no one could hear me “, said ZaraLena.


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