Profession of a children’s stylist: there are also people who dress the children of stars for work

Embrace celebrity styling and imagine an evolved version 2.0, maybe even a little exaggerated at times: since Stars have started hiring stylists for their children’s public looks, Reflection on children’s styling has gradually become more and more profound. To the extent that one has to frown and win the label of a “problematic” phenomenon. Some would say, what’s the harm in hiring a stylist to dress your kids?

Nothing in theory, a lot in practice. According to journalist Katie Rosensky, interviewed on the subject in the investigation Guardian, “Celebrities have long known how much their children can extend themselves as a brand”, Or rather, the expansion of their visibility as celebrities. “Many celebrities know that being a parent is a great opportunity and that innocent looking babies can be the best advertising tool for a lifestyle or children’s clothing brand.”

This is the case of North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West., who at just ten years old already has her own TikTok channel – which she shares with mother Kim – from which she also publishes content on her own skin care, apparently Aunt Kylie Jenner’s brand From. However, North’s public outings with mom Kim require more attention: To the delight of the paparazzi and fans of #MiniMe-style mother-daughter looks, last July 2022 the two took the front row (Anna Wintour next to) attended the seats. ) at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture fashion show in Paris. North rocks a look that matches Kim’s mood, and both were designed by Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing, who was Jean Paul Gaultier’s guest that season. That double fashion moment had its charm too Daniel Levy, Kim’s stylist… and North’s as a result.

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Kylie Jenner Has Also Hired an Expert for Her Five-Year-Old Daughter Stormi: Stylist Manuel Mendez takes care to follow her public image, selecting Marine Serre, Mugler and Balmain designer looks for her. “That kind of look — continues Katie Rosensky — inevitably ends up on social media, where the push for an even more candid approach to photos and videos has forced celebrities to post their lives and, for better or worse, For, posting your kids has become more likely in the limelight.

How social media, kids and stylists have become one is also confirmed in the post with which Naomi Campbell has announced the birth of her second child, In the picture shared with her 15.3 million followers, the supermodel holds her baby boy in her arms. Face not visible, name withheld, but not of the stylist tagged in the caption: rodney burns He took care of the look of the child till a few days after the birth. Matching hat with white dress.

Not far from the social world is the world of glossy magazines. Son of Rihanna and Asap Rocky, or Little RZA Athelstan Meyersappeared with mom and dad on the cover of the March issue of british vogue: Only for him, an ad hoc stylist, Matthew Henson.

then there is also Tennis player Serena Williams, whose stylist Kesha McLeod has seen her workload double with the arrival of her eldest daughter, Olympia: This was the styling for the little girl – when she was only ten months old – on the occasion of her parents’ wedding. Kesha has been Olympia’s stylist since 2017 and has repeatedly dressed the mother-daughter duo with #MiniMe looks: She’ll remember the coordinating black jumpsuits she wore at the film’s premiere. king richard In 2021.

The matter did not end here. There is also support for the styling event of children Harper Beckham: daughter of David and Victoria She makes regular appearances with the Beckham boys at the mother designer’s fashion shows. Sitting front row, often right next to Anna Wintour, it seems the younger Harper often has custom-made outfits for her from the Victoria Beckham ready-to-wear line. “If a little girl plays a significant role in a celebrity’s brand, it makes sense to assume that they are already thinking about how their little girl is viewed. or even One can believe that he is preparing for her a similar career in the limelight», comments Katie Rosensky again.

last call is Blue Ivy, who we all know as Beyoncé’s daughter, Her relationship with the clothing was revealed in an interview given by stylist Manuel Mendez – similar to Kylie Jenner. wwd In 2019. Buying clothes for little Blue Ivy had become a full-time job for her, responding to requests to plan more than ninety looks at a time. And thank god the kids just stayed kids.

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