Professional Facial Cleansing & Extraction: A Treatment I Regret Not Starting as a Teenager

Facial Cleansing: Recommended Professional Care From Adolescence

“No cleansing there is nothing. Prepping the skin—cleaning away dead cells and filaments, blackheads, and even the remains of some pustules or pimples—is an essential step for the treatments applied below to work.It’s also about making the skin look beautiful and healthy,” the famous beautician begins to explain birth lawrence.the problem is usually We do facial cleansing with a late tooth extraction, that is, at home, at our own risk, and when the adverse effects prevented by this treatment have already occurred: enlarged pores, acne and its marks, blackheads…  .. Exactly so, as recognized Christina Garmish – Esthetician and expert in the field for 38 years – “Acne and dirty pores resist the health of our skin and are not aesthetically pleasing. Even more so these days when beauty is a topic of great interest to all of us.”

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Specifically, Cristina Galmiche talks about facial oxygenation, not just a facial cleansing: “The vital restoration of health, is a mandatory starting point for any beauty treatment and ritual. I always explain this to people who pass by my center with the following metaphor: “Let’s imagine that we want to Painting the walls of the living room again… in order for it to be beautiful, uniform and durable, its surface must be clean; otherwise, the results are disastrous and not very aesthetically pleasing. This is exactly what good oxygenation is for: to repair tissue so our skin can improve itself under optimal conditions.”

Benefits of Professional Facial Cleansing and Extraction

Fights acne, oily and sensitive skin

Experts believe it is an essential treatment that must be strictly followed if skin health and dermatological health is to be desired. “With your help, we will be able to give a second life to skin affected by various problems such as Acne, atopic dermatitis, or sensitive skin”, highlighting Garmish.She believes that in this case oily skinFacial cleansing by extraction prevents “acne, microcysts, million, acne bacteria, open pores and blackheads before acne appear.excess fat behind the skin Rosaceawhich also tends to alter the pH, which explains a lot of the dermatitis and dermatological sensitivities we see today”. Lorenzo is sure that, in general, many of these problems “increase and even stem from poor hygiene.”

Skin looks younger and more beautiful

“Clean skin is usually beautiful skin..this brightness, For example, a quality that we are increasingly looking for is only possible in clean skin,” says Natividad Lorenzo. According to Garmish, “skin that is not greasy, has closed pores, and does not appear to have any problems at first glance also needs to be replenished. oxygen.Maybe it is not necessary to remove pimples or impurities, but they need to activate the blood supply Uniform toneIn addition to making the keratinized small fat in the hair follicle play a role, it is beneficial to the growth of hair. rehydration; find a Comprehensive rejuvenation.

In addition, Natividad Lorenzo maintains that “maintaining good skin hygiene can make The assets applied below can be used to their benefitShow its full power. Galmiche explains it this way: “If the pipeline through which cosmetics penetrate the skin is free of impurities such as dirt or dead cells, active ingredients cannot enter or perform their functions, whether it is hydration, nourishment, fat control, firming…”.

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When to Start a Professional Facial Cleanse

For all the above cases, Experts recommend deep facial cleansing in-flight starting as a teenager for healthy, beautiful skin as an adult. Natividad Lorenzo affirms: “During this phase, hormonal changes occur that greatly affect the cleanliness and appearance of the skin. It’s also a great time to develop good habits and learn about yourself; not to mention, it’s a moment of fact that We avoid future harm and brand in time. Skin is an organ that reveals a lot about us and reveals some of the problems we face. It is important to learn to take care of it as soon as possible. “

In this way, Galmiche further states that a deep and professional facial cleansing It does not distinguish between age or gender, “here the determining factor is skin type. We have on hand 9 year olds with keratotic cellulite or sensitivity issues, teens with acne, and men and women of all ages with adult acne, sensitivities, dermatitis, rosacea at certain times in their lives.. …was looking for a natural remedy that, in addition to being healthy, would help the skin age better”.

How Often to Do a Deep Facial Cleanse in the Airplane

both experts agree once a month This is the most common cycle because our skin cells are renewed approximately every 4 weeks. “Oxygenating the face once a month allows us to permanently control cellulite; the skin is cleansed and ready to receive the active ingredients of the cosmetics we use at home; and the skin barrier is strengthened to deal with whatever changes it,” explains Galmiche. “We live in cities and our skin is exposed to a lot of pollution every day. Also, the cosmetics we use can clog pores…that’s why we think it’s important to make oxygen a good habit”, he adds.

Natividad Lorenzo adds that, in addition to the monthly convenience, “the periodicity of cabin cleaning also This will depend on specific needs.

What is a good professional manual extraction, step by step

“Cleansing regimens are variable, because skin type and its possible problems play a decisive role in the choice of products,” explains Natividad Lorenzo.However, the expert states that the most common regimens for a good cleaning include the following
Next step:

  1. Clean Use the right product and apply tonic to balance the skin.
  2. execute a peeling Suitable for the particular characteristics of the leather and the time of year in which it is made. “he peeling This is very important in any treatment. I’m in favor of using it as the foundation of any facial regimen. There is something for every skin type, even those with the most subtle concerns,” points out Lorenzo.
  3. Manual extraction of filaments and blackheads. Natividad Lorenzo: “Today, there are different options for performing this step, but in my opinion so far, nothing can replace manual extraction if excellent therapeutic results are sought. In some cases, after this step , need to balance infection of pustules or papules.”
  4. Apply Soothing, Balancing and Moisturizing Products. “I’m in favor of following up with a shockwave to reduce inflammation. This step helps restore and stabilize the skin.”
  5. hire a Moisture Cream Use on the face (according to your skin type and needs), sunscreen is required if treatment is to be performed during the day.

In the case of Cristina Galmiche, at her center she offers Manual oxygenation of the skin“, “Deep hygiene with manual and 100% safe extractions to cleanse and unclog pores we can consider the best remedy against any pimples, blackheads or rashes and the starting point for enjoying breathing, more nourished skin , young and enlightened”. As he explained, this manual oxygenation begins with a few basic steps: diagnosis, makeup removal, massage, high-frequency electrodes, exposure to ozone vapor, and manual extraction. “In the final stage of the treatment, each face Everyone receives the blend of active ingredients that works best for them to appear smooth, luminous and healthy. It can be said that we have designed a tailor-made package for each skin need, providing the active ingredients necessary to achieve the sustainable beauty of the tissue and its skin health”, he tells us.

Why It Doesn’t Compare to Home Manual Extraction

Natividad Lorenzo said that despite the “necessity to maintain Home Facial Cleansing Routine, – this must be made clear – manual extraction should be avoided in the first place. ’” According to Galmiche, “We have a better tool for keeping skin clear at home that we often don’t do enough: using technology to help double cleaningThat is to say, go to the traditional formula of nourishing milk, and play a dual role on the face without attacking it.”

The last beautician warned us, “We will never be able to remove impurities as rigorously and thoroughly as a professional beautician. Except, The “squeezing” action is extremely aggressive: not only can we not remove a blackhead or pimple deeply, but it can lead to infection, more pimples or irreversible marks on the skin“.

Finally, Lorenzo decried the dangers involved in choosing unsuitable product: “The most sensitive skin is especially susceptible to this. That’s why it’s advisable to visit a professional when choosing them, not necessarily at the time of purchase. We often find that people use products that are too harsh for their specific condition , or contain active ingredients that cause their skin to react badly. The best is was informed Delivered by professionals who know your skin well. “

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