Professor Ti on Rai 2: Plot preview and cast of the first episode

Gafter the good success of the first season, New episodes of the series are finally airing in prime time at 21:20 on Rai 2. Professor T. British adaptation of the Belgian series featuring criminologist with OCD.

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Professor T: preview of the first episodes

Starring Jasper Tempest (Ben Miller): a professor at Cambridge University and a brilliant criminalist.. A man with an eccentric character and a refined mind, the man has a flamboyant and obsessive mother (Frances de la Tour), he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder or a severe form of obsessive-compulsive disorder.. Despite all this, Prof. valuable adviser and ally of the police who often assigns him to support him in investigations. As is the case with the first two episodes of the new season, which we will see tonight.

In the first we will see how he works together with the police in investigation into the arson of a student house where a young university student suffered severe burns and fell into a coma for this reason. Meanwhile, Professor T is haunted by a recurring nightmare and decides to go for analysis to Dr. Helena Goldberg (Juliet Stevenson).

Thanks to her, he will be able to better understand the complex and contradictory relationship that binds him to his mother, “responsible” for his neuroses. However, in the second episode a lawyer and his second wife are found dead in a case that bears disturbing similarities to a double murder 15 years earlier. on which the lawyer worked.

Francis de la Tour and Ben Miller starred in Professor T. (Courtesy of Eagle Eye Drama)

A curious mixture of crime and psychological investigation

British adaptation of the very successful Belgian series of the same name., Professor T combines the canonical “yellow” plot – seasoned with scientific and forensic investigations – al psychological drama with recurring themes such as childhood trauma and psychological disorders. However, balancing the darkest tones with quintessentially English humor and plenty of extravagant characters.. Starting with the protagonist’s mother, a “clinical” case that would certainly please Dr. Freud.

Alternating memories of the past, sometimes almost terrible, with hallucinations of the present, the show almost seems to prioritize the labyrinths of the mind at the expense of investigating murder cases.. But a superb script and more action-packed scenes restore the gripping tradition of the “English-style” thriller, which, as always, is indebted to Agatha Christie. To soften the tone even more, an almost hilarious performance by protagonist Ben Miller who is trustworthy in a role that is not easy to approach.

Ben Miller in Professor T. (Courtesy of Eagle Eye Drama)

In the second season, unlike the first, the character of Professor T. will be significantly improved.. Especially in terms of relationships. Really, if in previous episodes it seemed that the dark side of his personality took over, then here he will finally adopt a more welcoming attitude. First of all, thanks to Dr. Goldberg, who, hopefully, will also be able to open the gates of her heart.

Ben Miller, from comedy to drama

Born in London in 1966 to a family of university professors, the English actor discovered the sacred fire of acting very early on. Indeed, when he was a student at Cambridge, in the natural history department, he enrolls in an acting course, where, among other things, he meets Rachel Weisz, who will become his girlfriend for a certain period.. After graduation, he moved to London to try and make a career in the entertainment industry and In 1997, together with his friend Alexander Armstrong, he founded the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller. who is immediately hired to star in a hugely successful Channel 4 sitcom. In parallel with the show, the first parts go to the cinema and in 2011 became the main character of some seasons of the series Crimes in Paradise currently airing on Rai 1.

As Professor Jasper Tempest since 2021Ben Miller recently stated that he didn’t have to do anything special to play a character who suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. “I too had a pretty severe obsessive-compulsive disorder in my twenties.he said, “I’m really lucky that it got fixed and it seems as I got older it got better as my anxiety lessened. It’s one of the things that attracted me to the character. I just thought “This is for me”“.


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