“Progato Saltino” relaunched to strengthen the self-sufficiency path of people with disabilities – Valdarnopost – Notizzi Valdarno

The new edition of “Progato Saltino”, curated and managed by Fondazione Nuovi Giorni Onales, was presented last Friday. This year the initiative has been repeated and expanded: on the one hand, confirming the possibility for users with disabilities to stay with their families and on the other hand, providing experiences to groups of people who are unable to stay at different times of the year. In periods, supervision by teachers, participation in various projects of the Foundation, a new opportunity to experience holidays, strengthen the path of self-reliance and build relationships with the surrounding environment. The presentation was attended by Ida Beneforti Gigli, President of the Fondazione Nuovi Giorni Onlas; Regello’s mayor, Piero Giunti; Adele Bartolini, Councilor for Social Affairs of the Regello Municipality, and Cristiano Benucci, Regional Councilor.

Since last year, the municipality of Regello has made available to the Fondazione Nuovi Giorni two mini-apartments for vacationers in the village of Saltino. The area near Vallombrosa. These are ground floor apartments consisting of living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, located within housing with a swimming pool surrounded by a park. Fondazione Nuovi Giorni onlus has been working for more than ten years for “after us” in the southeast Fiorentina region, dealing with the future of people with more or less severe disabilities, who are unable to receive care at that moment When their family members or contacts can no longer do so. It means building an independent life path, fostering the processes of housing and social autonomy.

“For the New Days Foundation – said President Ida Benforti Gigli – there is the satisfaction of starting another activity: not only the autonomous course work that takes place every day in our apartments, but also the possibility to experience holidays independently and, where this is not possible, our member families are offered the opportunity of a relaxing holiday in a pleasant environment Done, welcoming and fresh. I would like to thank Regello Municipality, as mayor and councilor, for providing us with these two apartments, which gave us the opportunity to expand our activities. After all, the Municipality of Regello, like all the municipalities of the South East Fiorentina region, has always been close to us and supports us in our work. In fact, we should not forget that the foundation was born out of the will of the administration of the region. I would like to thank the operators for their valuable work, the families and our boys, but also all the residents of this residence who welcomed us with generosity and kindness.

“The New Days Foundation – Adele Bartolini, Councilor for Social Policies of the Regello Municipality, explained – Long has been doing a very important job every day and that is why we have made our apartments available to them so that the boys and girls they care for can spend carefree days of holidays in the company and independently in our beautiful mountains can enjoy Saltino and Vallombrosa are holiday resorts adapted to their needs and their well-being is our priority”.

Mayor Piero Giunti concluded: “Supporting the path towards greater autonomy of the individual and the expansion of his social relations, In addition to sharing and providing moments of respite to those who care for them in everyday life, they are a cornerstone of the work of Fondazione Nuovi Giorni to whom we extend our utmost respect and thanks. It is an honor for Regello to host such an important and valuable project. We are delighted to renew our agreement of friendship and collaboration with the Foundation, and we look forward to continuing this in an even more synergistic manner.”

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