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In the Assoli Hall in NaplesJune 11 on the stage Pinocchio / What is a man? Study #1conceived and directed by David Jodis, who was born in the laboratory of Aps Theater Primary School, as part of art project and social integration is aimed at children with physical and mental disabilities and people with various disabilities.
Six shows in this section at Villa Floridiana:June 11 debuts All the nights of the day Spanish playwright and poet Alberto Conejero. A story about the impossibility of love with Claudio Di Palma and Marina Sorrenti directed by Manuel Di Martino.
Massimo Venturielloits direction, and James Rizzo will be the main characters June 17 belonging Signor Puntila and his servant Matti, a Brechtian allegory of capitalism, capable of stimulating the reflections needed today. OUR June 25at the Teatrino della Verzura, Eurydice Axen directs himself to Mary Shelley. My life is in piecesinteresting text by the author Pier Luigi Razzano on the last and shocking night in Naples in February 1819 by the author Frankenstein.

A successful combination of the theater of Moliere and the theater of Peppino and Luigi de Filippo inimaginary misershow that Enzo Decaro adapted and stages with Nunzia Schiano and six other actors 30 June.

There is great interest in reading Federico and Jacopo Rampini, main characters Lessons from geopoliticsscheduled for July 6and on the last day of the Festival, Alexander Precious This is King Lear and King Gist in Waiting for King Lear Tommaso Mattei, text that combines Nothing belonging Godot Beckett with Shakespeare’s masterpiece.
In the magnificent Roman theater of Benevento July 7 you will see the classic Aristophanes. Daniele Salvo is single Worldcreated by Inda Foundation and translated by Nicola Kadoni, main characters Joseph Battiston AND Maximum Greenish.

V special projects section return from from June 12 to July 5, for the third consecutive year and always with unpublished lyrics, Il Sogno Reale. Bourbons of Naples, designed by Ruggero Cappuccio and edited Marco Perillo.
Five actors (Maddalena Crippa, Lino Guanciale, Gea Martire, Galatea Ranzi AND Giancarlo Ratti) will interpret five stories inspired by the Bourbon era written by as many storytellers as possible (Linda Dalisi, Antonio Marfella, Marco Perillo, Fabio Pisano, Nadia Terranova).
The monologues are scheduled at the Teatrino della Verzura in Villa Floridiana, while the monologues interpreted by Gea Martire will debut at June 15 in the courtyard of the Sarno Museum (Sa) and will be repeated June 28 AND July 8.
The project is accompanied by a guide to the sites of the Bourbons in Campania, written by Marco Perillo, which will be distributed to viewers free of charge.

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