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43rd edition
October 13 – November 10, 2023
Mantua – Ariston Theatre, Archie Tom, Monteverdi Auditorium

Mantua Jazz 2023October 13 to November 10, 2023 There will be MantovaJazz, four concerts dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the “progressive mainstream”, between classicism and avant-garde with Christian McBride, Marco Cocconi, Tigran Hamasyan and Chris Potter.

Mantova Jazz will arrive in 2023 forty third edition in full health, inviting the public of Mantua to conduct a four-stage study of possibilities”progressive mainstream“in these years. Jazz’s ability to re-emerge without betraying its roots has always been a matter of wonder during the already secular period of its growth in meaning and inexhaustible linguistic evolution. Positioned exactly halfway between a conservative or neoclassical approach and an avant-garde aspiration, the great mainstream of jazz now flows without geographic or generational barriers.Use the avant-garde as an incentive, and classicism as a reminder of the beauty of your roots.

The impressive pianism of the very young can certainly fall into the realm of this vital “mainstream”. Tigran Hamasyan (Saturday, November 4, 2023 – Ariston Theatre)capable of evoking the Armenian flavors of family traditions and the rhythmic power of a great progressive rock band with his trio.

Or dope Chris Potter tenor saxophone (Friday, November 10, 2023 – Monteverdi Auditorium)which reminds us how this instrument, from Dexter Gordon to John Coltrane, from Wayne Shorter to Michael Brecker, has played a fundamental role in the evolution of modern jazz’s linguistic codes.

The powerful and powerful are also moving into the modern mainstream. double bass by Christian McBride (Friday, October 13, 2023, Ariston Theatre)director and mainstay of New Jawn, a superb quartet projecting the great sixties hard bop tradition into the present and a little bit into the future.

And here is also a place for local treasures, with very good bassist Marco Cocconi (Friday, October 27, 2023 – Archie Tom)finally back in leadership role after having excellently supported a significant number of disparate projects.

MantovaJazz – Roberto Chiozzini Festivalis the result of a historic partnership between ARCI Provinciale and Circolo del Jazz and since 1981 has continuously brought the greatest jazz on the American and European scene to Mantua, each year defining a common theme that serves as an incentive aimed at audiences and musicians. and students for reflecting more consciously on the absolute value that jazz has acquired as a universal, extremely rich and vital form of expression.

MantovaJazz is not just a festival: for several years it has been trying to expand the audience it can reach, especially young people, by offering concerts in more popular and accessible places. like me free concerts posters “YOUNG” – that is, young and promising Italian jazz and blues musicians – who were created this July at ArciFesta and which are offered every year in Arci clubs and circles in the same period as MantovaJazz (more information will soon appear in the MantovaJazz YOUNG section, which can be found to have taken place in autumn 2023). Or how to join the International Jazz Day (established in 2011 at the initiative of UNESCO Ambassador Herbie Hancock by the United Nations), which this year took the form of a large free concert organized by the students of the Lyceum Musical and Jazz Department of the Conservatory of Mantua.

In addition, to highlight Mantova Jazz’s commitment to spreading jazz music to new generations, discounts are offered to students of the Mantua Conservatory, the Liceo Musicale e Coreutico and the Accademia delle Arti, Consonanze, Nuova Scuola of Music and Sonum School of Music. .
Interested students can contact the respective music school directly for more information.

MantovaJazz is organized by Archi Mantova and the Circolo del Jazz “Roberto Chiozzini” with the support of the Municipality of Mantua and the Fondazione Comunità Mantovana, in collaboration with the Conservatory of Mantua “Lucio Campiani”, the Carlo d’Arco Institute and Isabella d’Este and the music schools Accademia delle Arti, Consonanze, Nuova Scuola di Musica and the Sonum School of Music.


October 13, 2023, 21:00
via Principe Amedeo 20 Mantova

Christian McBride is – in chronological order – the last great interpreter of the African American strand of jazz double bass, whose genealogy includes authentic monuments of sound and drive, such as Ray Brown or Ron Carter. A welcome partner for the most influential musicians, from Joe Henderson to Freddie Hubbard, from Pat Metheny to Diana Krall, McBride is also a great leader. His New Jawn quartet is a perfect machine, built on a “pure” rhythm section, without harmonic instruments, that inherits the power, dynamism and groove from the great progressive hard bop of the sixties and seventies, reworking them in the light of what’s new in music. jazz created in recent decades.

Christian McBride – double bass
Marcus Strickland – saxophone
Josh Evans – trumpet
Nashit Waits – drums

October 27, 2023, 21:00
Thomas Benetollo Square 1 Mantova

MnJazz has a tradition of celebrating the records of musicians who have made the greatest contribution to the development of the Mantua scene, with amazing contours in their own way. Marco Cocconi is one of them. An undisputed specialist in the electric bass, to which he gives a completely jazzy sound with clarity and rigor, Cocconi increasingly devotes himself to the double bass, on which he reveals the same precious qualities of harmonic clarity and poetic clarity of signs. A clarity that also comes from the original compositions of the exquisite disc Even In My Soul, the second as the leader, twenty years after the equally delightful previous one, Chiaroscuri.

Marco Cocconi – double bass
Manuel Kaliumi – saxophone
Riccardo Barba – piano
Federico Negri – drums

November 4, 2023, 21.00
via Principe Amedeo 20 Mantova

Tigran Hamasyan is perhaps the great discovery of modern jazz piano. He was born in Armenia on July 17, 1987 and, after his family moved to Los Angeles, quickly settled in the world village of great jazz. Apart from the highly original ways of his instrumental virtuosity, his managerial qualities as a now mature leader and the changing architecture of superbly recombinant jazz, absorbing the charm of the rhythmic and melodic elements of Armenian folk and unashamedly feeding on progressive rock’s most powerful offerings. Hamasyan will bring to Mantua his magnificent European trio “The Call Within” with Mark Karapetyan on bass and Artur Gnatek on drums.

Tigran Hamasyan – piano
Mark Karapetyan – bass
Artur Hnatek – drums

November 10, 2023, 21:00
via della Conciliazione 33 Mantova

The post-Coltrane jazz scene represents a continuous flowering of great white tenorists like Joe Farrell, Joe Lovano or Michael Brecker, eminent musicians who were able to create a coherent line of poetry that blended tradition and research and were equally at ease in the dryness of jazz. in small groups or in the explosiveness of big bands and more electric contexts. Chris Potter now holds the baton of this exciting tradition in his hands, and each of his performances sounds amazing in energy, impressive in technique and inspiration. He brings the Trio Circuits to Mantua, the same one featured on the 2021 Sunrise Reprise CD, with the amazing James Francis on keyboards and Eric Harland on drums.

Chris Potter – saxophone
James Francis – keyboards, piano
Eric Harland – drums


Tickets for performances can be purchased in pre-sale on the website. or at VivaTicket points of sale or on the day of the concert directly at the venue, starting from 19.00. This year, in addition to tickets for individual concerts, season tickets for all four concerts can be purchased for 60 euros.

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