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The 1st edition of the E-nnova Health awards, organized by Correo Farmacéutico and Diario Médico, has awarded the pharmaceutical group Neuraxpharm, European leader in Central Nervous System, in the Telehealth and E-learning category for its LepsiApp project, the first application prescription developed by health professionals for patients with epilepsy. These awards were created in order to identify and recognize digital initiatives in health that add value, contribute to the sustainability of the system and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic neurological diseases. It is estimated that about 50 million people suffer from it in the world, of which 6 million are in Europe. In Spain there are more than 350,000 people with this pathology, and it is estimated that between 5% and 10% of the Spanish population will experience a crisis throughout their lives.

LepsiApp allows patients to have a better knowledge of their health status and offers innovative solutions to medical professionals to improve the therapeutic approach. Its main benefits include the alert system that alerts emergency contacts when an epileptic seizure occurs, makes it possible to have a medical history at all times, record and view seizures, record new seizures and triggers, and have access to a calendar and graph of the evolution of the reported crises.


The launch of LepsiApp has been led by the pharmaceutical group Neuraxpharm, European leader in the Central Nervous System and has been developed by Spanish neurologists. Dr. Javier Salas Puig, from the Vall d ‘Hebrón University Hospital in Barcelona, ​​who is the driving force behind the application, have participated in its design; Dr. Iván Seijo, also from the Vall d ‘Hebrón University Hospital; Dr. Francisco Gil, from the Sagrat Cor University Hospital in Barcelona and Dr. Jacinto Sala, from the Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona.

The Neuraxpharm initiative makes it possible to intelligently connect data entered by patients with healthcare professionals. Thanks to this innovation, medical personnel can have relevant and continuous information on their patients instantly, being of great help to analyze possible triggers.

The application is free and is available for both iOS and Android devices, it works by medical prescription, so to start using the app it is necessary to register through a doctor registered on the platform. Once the doctor has discharged the patient, he will have to download the application and enter the username and password that he received by e-mail after confirming his registration. The information generated by the patient from the application will be shared directly with your doctor.

They are currently using it more than 400 patients and 100 health professionals including neurologists and neuropediatricians at the national level. In addition, the tool has aroused the interest of medical societies throughout Spain and is expected to improve individualized treatment of epilepsy.

Easy disease monitoring

The doctor Javier Salas Puig, promoter of LepsiApp, highlights how useful this tool is being for patients and doctors in monitoring the disease and when reviewing their medical history. “Neuraxpharm’s proposal makes it possible to connect data entered by patients with healthcare professionals. Thanks to this innovation, professionals can have relevant and continuous information on their patients, and, consequently, offer tailored solutions“, Explain.

Mar Carreño, president of the Spanish Epilepsy Society and director of the Epilepsy Unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​highlights what the pandemic has meant for this type of patient and how visits and diagnostic tests, essential for these patients, have been delayed . “This pathology is characterized by a predisposition to suffer recurrent epileptic seizures, which makes monitoring the disorder key to improving their quality of life. The current context of pandemic has highlighted the need for the implementation of telemedicine solutions for the therapeutic approach of patients with epilepsy. Technological innovations such as LepsiApp allow safe and continuous doctor-patient communication”.

Luis Poveda, promoter of the initiative from Neuraxpharm and Product Manager of the company in Spain, comments on how LepsiApp was born:

How did the idea of ​​creating the application come about?

It all started in mid-2019. The idea came up during one of the visits to the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, when Dr. Salas-Puig, section chief of the Epilepsy Unit, was finalizing a project and we discussed the problems that patients had that they were derived from another hospital and did not remember or were not able to reflect well their medical history or the symptoms they had experienced in that crisis.

What needs does it cover?

Patients often fall into inaccuracies when specifying their medical history and this affects the therapeutic approach. With LepsiApp we connect the large amount of data produced by patients with healthcare professionals. The purpose of the application is to provide tools and digital resources to help patients with epilepsy to have a better understanding of their health status and to make decisions that have a positive effect on their daily life.

What functionalities and tools does LepsiApp offer?

I would highlight three. First of all, the SOS button, for all those patients who, when they feel that they are going to have a crisis, can press this button that will activate a timer that, upon reaching zero, will notify their emergency contacts via SMS and / or or email providing your GPS location. Second, the medical history, they will be able to upload medical reports and recordings of their crises. And finally, the section ‘New seizures’, here are collected all those symptoms precursors of the seizure that they have suffered and a series of questions asked by neurologists specialized in epilepsy that will help improve the therapeutic approach.

Neuraxpharm is firmly committed to finding solutions to improve the quality of life of patients with diseases of the Central Nervous System, such as epilepsy. In the current healthcare context, LepsiApp was born as a solution that facilitates the monitoring of people with epilepsy and the doctor-patient relationship, offering precision technology to improve disease management.

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