Promise, who is Cruz’ translator Eva Martin really? All about the actress

To fans of The Promise, she is the insidious Cruz, the keeper of a secret that Yana is determined to uncover, but who is actress Eva Martin in real life?

He’s been here for three months Channel 5 to confirm the huge success of the Spanish soap even beyond national borders: Promiseon the air every day at 14:45 from Monday to Friday in the flagship network, Mediaset is increasingly winning over the public with excellent ratings results.

Captivating plot, good script and talented cast are the strengths of this two-season play set in Córdoba in 1913.

As in all stories of this kind, among the main characters there is certainly a villain or villain who, through deceptions, traps and tricks, prevents the happiness of the main characters. To fulfill this important role Promise she is an actress Eva Martin, who plays the evil Cruz Esquerdo.

Who is Eva Martin Cruz in the TV series The Promise: age, career and personal life of the famous actress

Dona Cruz it’s her in the soap made Josep Sister Rubio she hides many secrets and is even willing to kill to get what she wants. Marquis Alonso de Lujan’s wife, she Thomas’ stepmother and Manuel’s mother. It is she who keeps the terrible truth that Yana is trying to find out about the death of her mother and the disappearance of her brother.

The character is well played Eva Martinapart from Promise he starred in various highly successful films and TV series. Born March 14, 1974 in Girona, Spain. the actress is 49 years old, she has a higher education in the field of English philology..

Promise, who is the actress Eva Martin, Cruise’s interpreter? All about her – Credits: Instagram @evaolimba-

In addition to acting, she has also dedicated herself to music in the past as a jazz, blues, bossa nova and other genres singer. His debut as an on-set translator comes in 2006 when he joins the cast of the series. Amistades peligrosaswith the character of Julia.

Since then, she has never stopped: she was part of a very famous piece of art. Commissionerin which he plays Inspector Pepa Romero, he worked for Amar en Tiempos Reueltos, El Tiempo Entre Costuras, Hospital Central, Plastic Plast or Merly: Sapere aude.

Among her roles on the big screen, the last was the role of a cardiologist on the set. pain and glory Pedro Almodovar, winner of seven Goya awards, in the title role Antonio Banderas AND Penelope Cruz. It is not known if Eve has a partner, a husband, or if she is single. Keep following us for any updates on this matter.

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