Prostate cancer death toll may surpass breast cancer in Mexico

Mexico’s prostate cancer death toll may reach 15,000 people a year in 2040 if preventive measures are not stepped up Experts warned on Wednesday that innovative medicines are available to patients.

“If we follow the same path, 15,000 people will die in Mexico by 2040, most worryinglyThere will be more deaths than breast cancer deathsNational Cancer Institute (INCan) oncologist Miguel Ángel Álvarez Avitia said at a news conference.

Experts recall that prostate cancer Most common in men over the age of 50.The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Cancer Observatory estimates that there are 214,522 new cases and 578,415 deaths per year in Latin America and the Caribbean alone.

every year in mexico 30,000 confirmed patients Álvarez Avitia said 7,009 deaths had been registered.

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Although the cause of the disorder is unknown and there may be a genetic predispositionthe risk of contracting this disease increases with age.

Experts assured experts that the main problem is that in Mexico, most patients arrive at an advanced stage,The disease does not cause symptoms in its early stagesin addition to the stigma surrounding screening.

“Unfortunately Myths Remain Related to Manhood and Rectal Examsso we have to work hard to break down those ideas,” said Azucena Corro, portfolio medicine manager for oncology at Bayer Mexico.

In some cases, cancer resistance to hormone therapyExperts therefore stress the importance of diversification in treatment.

“In Mexico, Only 30% to 40% of patients have alternative treatmentswhich increases the mortality rate of patients with this type of cancer and affects their quality of life,” says Álvarez Avitia.

Photo: Tara Winstead via Pexels

Currently, there are new antiandrogens They are often used in combination with chemotherapy, which means multiple treatments.

“In this way, patients who reach the metastatic stage Longer life, higher quality of lifeCoro explained.

The new method is based on triple therapy.

This is a man with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body Receive concurrent treatment with an oral antiandrogen and two other therapies (chemotherapy plus androgen deprivation therapy), which reduces mortality by more than 30% compared with other treatments.

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drug is Already available at institutions such as INCanMinistry of Defense and Naval Secretariat hospitals, and is expected to cover all public and private hospitals in the country in the coming months.

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