protests over Sharon Stone’s image

“Potato in the middle, in a tortello” next to the famous image of Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instinct” to advertise the tortello festival held on 13 August in Premilcuore, it was the fuse that sparked protest with emails asking the municipality and Pro loco to take down the billboards.

This request went unheeded, finding only silence. “We are embarrassed that your tortello festival still has the objectification of female bodies, as in the poster, which we define as sexist and offensive to women,” she wrote. Carla Grementieri, President of VoceDonna referring to the first city as well as Pro loco -. Change towards desired gender equality starts with words, language, images and respect. These considerations come from a feminist association that has been fighting for women’s rights, for gender equality and against male violence against women for twenty years. Remember that this is important also and above all because of the many feminist battles.
“This is a cartel in very bad taste,” he adds. Stefania Collini presents a table against violence against women –. The female body does not need to sell tortelli or any other product: these are harmful methods. We are witnessing a continuous femicide, we want to say that we will defeat violence against women by creating a culture if advertising always ends with the commodification of the female body. What the associations hope is that next year, in order to advertise an event that will bring people to the area by improving the typical local product, it will not expire again in the commodification of women’s bodies. Many citizens, women and men, expressed their dissatisfaction with the advertising chosen this year, but there was complete silence on the part of the organizers and the city administration. “We have not received any response to the emails sent,” Collini continues. I am amazed by the silence of the mayor, who should take care of cultivating respect for women. This image also humiliates the dignity of women who fed their families tortello alla lastra.” In this regard, the first citizen Ursula Valmori chose not to make any statements.

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