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HERMOSILLO, Sonora.-A difficult scenario, with more than 61 thousand infected and more than 600 deaths per Covid-19, could face Sonora in the next few weeks if not be followed with greater rigor the extent Stay At Home, reported the governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, announcing that derived from agreements with mayors, will intensify actions to raise awareness of citizens in the municipalities.

In a work meeting, through videoconference, with mayors of 10 municipalities, as well as with health authorities, public security, public prosecutor and representatives of the federal government, the commanders of the Fourth Military Zone; the Fourth Region Naval and the general coordinator of the National Guard in Sonora, the governor sonoran reiterated the call respectful, but decisive, the citizens stay home and avoid the contagion exponential of the virus.

The figures provided by the health sector to Sonora, if you do not comply with social distancing measures, are really worrisome, exposed Pavlovich Arellano.

During the meeting, which was attended by the mayor Celida Lopez Cardenas and secretary of Health Enrique Clausen Iberri, and explained each municipal president, the stage of epidemiological scientific provided for your municipality, so it was agreed to intensify, from this same Thursday, the operations and actions of awareness to the citizens.

Dr. Gerardo Álvarez Hernández, director general of Promotion of Health and Prevention of Diseases, said that, not to abide by the strict measures of social isolation in a more severe and forceful, it is expected that at the state level the number of transmissions to reach 61 thousand 495-infected, of which more than 43 thousand would take for medical assistance; of these, more than 34 thousand were sick with outpatient care; a little more than 7 thousand would take hospitalization and more than 2 thousand will require intensive therapy, so it is estimated that in that scenario, you would have 667 deaths.

For the 10 largest municipalities in population, the stage of the infection is the following: Hermosillo 18 thousand 123; Cajeme 9 thousand 369; Nogales 5 thousand 158; San Luis Rio Colorado 4 thousand 149; Navojoa 3 thousand 596; Guaymas 3 thousand 446; Agua Prieta 1 thousand 847; Huatabampo 1 thousand 771; Puerto Peñasco 1 thousand 424 and Junction 1 thousand 281.

Before this, it was agreed to strengthen the operations and actions of conviction and awareness of the citizens, who in recent days has received a large capacity in the streets, which potentially increases the risks of contagion.

Participated in the virtual meeting mayors of Cajeme, Sergio Paul Marshals; Nogales, Jesus Pujol Irastorza; San Luis Rio Colorado, Santos González Yescas; Navojoa, Rosario Quintero Bourbon; Guaymas, Sara Valley Dessens; Agua Prieta, Jesus Montaño Durazo; of Huatabampo, Ramon Diaz and Mists; of Puerto Peñasco, Ernesto Munro; and Splice, Miguel Genesta Sesma.

Scenario of possible people infected by Covid-19 does not address “Stay at Home”:

Possible status infected
Sound 61,495

Municipality Possible infected
Hermosillo: 18,123
Cajeme: 9,369
Nogales: 5,158
San Luis R. C.: 4,149
Navojoa: 3,596
Guaymas: 3,446
Agua Prieta: 1,847
Huatabampo: 1,771
Puerto Peñasco: 1,424
Splice: 1,281

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