Provides for US the week the more tragic in its history for Covid-19


Washington.— Authorities in the united States warned yesterday that this week will be “very hard” by the coronavirus. It will be, they said, “our Pearl Harbor, our September 11”.

In statements to the program Fox News Sunday, the director of Public Health, Jerome Adams, noted that this “is going to be the week, more tough and sad in the lives of most americans. This will be our time [similar al de] Pearl Harbor, the 11-S, only that it will not be concentrated in one place. Going to happen all over the country.”

He pointed to the japanese attack of 1941 that resulted in the entry of the united states to the Second World War and to the terrorist attacks of 2001.

More than a thousand 200 people have been killed in the last day in the united States, for a total of 9 thousand 600 deaths, while there are at least 337 thousand 72 infected confirmed, reported the Johns Hopkins University.

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In the state of New York, the number of deaths reached 4 thousand 159, said governor Andrew Cuomo. This is the first time that the count daily fall, after the sabbath was registered a record low of 630 in 24 hours.

The peak in New York could be reached next week, said Cuomo, although it is not clear if after the tipping point there will be a rapid decline of the contagion, or the curve of infection will be a persistent plateau. In that state have been reported already 122 thousand 31 infected confirmed.

Cuomo said his goal is to transfer patients from hospitals already overloaded to others with more ability and equipment.

A large part of the north american population has orders to stay at home, and the authorities have asserted that there are indications that they follow the instructions on social distancing.

But the actions do not come equally to all states, so the governors asked the White House a national strategy against the spread of the virus.

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“90% of americans are doing their part, even in states in which they were ordered to stay at home. If a state can’t do it for 30 days, so give us a week, give us what you can, our health system is not overwhelmed these seven days,” explained Adams.

Coffins of cardboard

The mayor of Guayaquil, Ecuador, began to spread yesterday coffins of cardboard to alleviate the shortage of wood, by the crisis of the corpses that have accumulated in the streets, morgues and funeral homes, in the wake of the emergency by the Covid-19.

“I have reached 30 of cardboard, but the people who come to see them not want to take,” said Merwin Terán, president of the Association Funeral of Guayas.

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In the meantime, Costa Rica reported yesterday studying international actions against the inaction of Nicaragua against the pandemic. Daniel Ortega is the only central american president who has not ordered measures of social isolation.

Meanwhile, Cuba reached 320 patients since who declared the epidemic in the country; Havana has the largest spread. It was reported that two people died on the eve to add eight dead so far.

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