Provincial Agricultural Councils, they carry out preventive work in bird flu cases

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This situation is of concern to scientists and marine life experts, and steps are being taken to properly assess and address the situation.

Recently, unusual behavior has been noted in some individuals of this species, including lethargy, difficulty breathing, and neurological changes manifested through seizures, jerky movements, disorientation, etc. After exhaustive testing of tissue samples and body fluids, it was confirmed that the sea lions in the above-mentioned provinces had the presence of avian influenza virus.

Management and Advice

Avian influenza is a disease that usually affects birds, but can also spread to other animals, including marine mammals.

Drawing on lessons learned from neighboring countries such as Peru and Chile, the Provincial Council of Agriculture works closely with government authorities such as the National Agri-Food Service (SENASA), Marine Conservation and animal health experts to conduct further investigations, monitor the situation and take appropriate measures to Protect the health of sea lions and maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem in the region.

To this end, the public is advised to:

Get informed through reliable sources and follow guidance provided by local authorities and conservation organizations.

Do not attempt to rescue or assist.

Keep away from animals and do not touch animals.

If possible, take a photo or video with an approximate location.

Notify the appropriate authorities if you notice any unusual behavior by sea lions or flocks on site.

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