Provoste is out of the second round and the result deals a hard blow to the former Concertation

A few minutes after 7:00 p.m., in the parties of the New Social Pact they were already chewing defeat. The total absence of epic, the dispersed directives awaiting the results separately and his presidential candidate, Yasna Provoste (DC), thousands of kilometers from Santiago, set the tone for what was to come.

And there were not too many surprises. With a 58% of the polling stations scrutinized, the panorama sealed a forecast that the bloc had been installing for weeks: that in an unprecedented way since the return to democracy, the presidential option of the coalition would not be able to pass to the second round and that, as it happened, the senator by Atacama, with a 12.2%, would be surpassed by Jose Antonio Kast (28%) and Gabriel boric (24%).

“The Broad Front defeated us, but in its eagerness to replace us it allowed the populist right to get here,” commented a leader of the conglomerate last night. The bewilderment for the sector – despite the fact that some polls had anticipated it – was that the standard-bearer ended up relegated to fourth place, being surpassed by Franco Parisi (People’s Party), who achieved 13%.

At the close of this edition, Provoste gave a heartfelt message to its adherents from Vallenar, where he awaited the results with his family. The senator regretted that her sector has not been able to convene a majority project. “It is painful for a political project like ours,” he said.

Before the second round, the former minister assured that “it seems to us that we cannot stop stating that our will can never be a neutral will to allow the advance of fascism represented by José Antonio Kast”, although she added: “We will be opposition, but clearly it does not matter to us who governs ”.

In Santiago, meanwhile, the president of the Socialist Party, Álvaro Elizalde, was the first to acknowledge the sector’s failure and to call for a vote for the Approve Dignity candidate.

The reasons that led one of the political blocs that ruled the country for more than twenty years to become a marginal force on the political map are varied and are still being processed in the communities.

But what is clear is that, as they recognize in the center-left, one of the causes of failure derives from a structural element: the crisis of the political project that has been dragging on for years and that allowed the Broad Front to consolidate itself as a more successful alternative. And also other more circumstantial factors such as the unexpected rise of the Republican candidate and the difficulties faced by the sector itself to define its letter to La Moneda in time.

The most serious error and that condemned them to the result of last night, they affirm in the block, dates back to the night of May 18. That day, two milestones ended up making the enrollment of a center-left primary fail. On the one hand, the decision of the Socialist Party to break the historical axis with the Christian Democracy and initiate a negotiation with the Communist Party and the Broad Front to register a comprehensive pact in which to measure Paula Narvaez (), Gabriel boric (Broad Front) and Daniel Jadue (PC). And on the other, the Communist Party’s veto on the PPD and Nuevo Trato, which was promoted mainly by the communal chief of Recoleta and put an end to those efforts, leaving the PS without margin.

At that point, the letter decé Ximena Rincón -who had been elected in an internal primary school- made her candidacy available, while the PPD candidate Heraldo Muñoz and that of the Liberal Party and New Deal, Pablo Vidal, they had already come down to support the socialist standard-bearer. The only one still standing was Carlos Maldonado (PR), who insisted on his alternative until the end.

APRIL 21, 2021 / VALPARAISO Senators Yasna Provoste (i) and Ximena Rincon (r), during the Senate floor session. PHOTO: LEONARDO RUBILAR CHANDIA / AGENCIAUNO

In a desperate attempt the PS helmsman, Alvaro Elizalde, and the senator Guido Girardi (PPD) sought to put together a last-minute primary by raising Yasna Provoste, who had already catapulted into presidential leadership after negotiating with the government to achieve a universal Emergency Family Income. In fact, several recall that that night on the fourth floor of the Senate, Girardi had everything ready for the then president of the Upper House to sign her registration before a notary. However, the internal situation of the DC and the wink that the PS had made to the left in the previous hours made it impossible for a pact to be sealed.

“That was our biggest mistake, not having registered that primary,” says a leader of the bloc. That fact would hinder what would come next: the invisibility of the letters that remained in the race and a late irruption of Provoste, who joined on July 23, five days after the primary of Approve Dignity in which nearly one million 700 thousand people participated.

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JULY 23, 2021 / VALLENAR Proclamation of Yasna Provoste as a presidential candidate for the DC, in Vallenar’s main square. PHOTO: KARL CHINGA GRAWE / AGENCIAUNO

In the center-left they argue that, in addition, the citizen consultation that forced Narvaez and Maldonado, who never exceeded the margin of error in opinion polls, ended up hurting the figure of Provoste. Despite the fact that the candidate won by a large majority to her opponents (60%), the fact that both focused their darts on her and particularly on the role of the DC, further weakened her options.

The Provoste team recognized that their late rise to the race for La Moneda also gave their opponents an insurmountable advantage. A impromptu commando and hermetic and the difficulty of campaigning and at the same time fulfilling her role as senator, they say in her environment, ended up passing the bill to her. Some recall that it was she who delayed her promotion as much as possible, due to the insistence that it be measured in a citizen consultation.

And even though he ended up participating, the defeat of Narváez would bring him an additional cost: the flight of socialist militants towards the candidate of Approve Dignity. Although the leadership of the Socialist Party was always loyal to the senator for Atacama, its leadership could not prevent Figures such as Maya Fernández and Sergio Aguiló will bow to the candidacy of the deputy for Magellan.

October 7, 2021 / SANTIAGO Deputy Maya Fernández meets with presidential candidate Gabriel Boric to give her support for the next presidential elections PHOTO: DIEGO MARTIN / AGENCIAUNO

Beyond the blow that the socialist “out of the way” gave him, in the sector they also question that Senator DC did not achieve “Give in the tone” nor did it delineate a clear story that would summon moderate sectors. In fact, it was not until a few weeks ago that the legislator took a greater distance from Gabriel Boric and deepened her differences with the Approve Dignity project, warning that they did not provide guarantees of governance.

“Provoste has tried to win an election by the left, when the left was already taken over”, they maintained in the opposition days before the elections predicting the defeat.

An example of that, they say among her supporters, was the role she assumed regarding the fourth withdrawal of funds, a policy that she herself had questioned at the beginning of the pandemic. His failure to articulate his sector, moreover, dealt him a severe blow in the weeks before the elections with the rejection of the idea of ​​legislating the project. In the sector they assure that their “identity to the left of the DC”, ended up making their option invisible before the alternative of the candidate of Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel.

In turn, the center-left stressed last night that the “Parisi phenomenon” would respond to a vote of “punishment” for the traditional politics that they have represented, which would also have weighed on them.

Until press time, Provoste had no plans to signal in favor of Boric and, in fact, it was expected that she would be cautious while waiting for the debate that her party will give this Monday in its National Council and it could end in a National Board for the next few days.

In the community, there are voices that are already proposing to assume an opposition to both the deputy for Magallanes and José Antonio Kast. Others, meanwhile, have proposed omitting themselves for the ballot.

Boric’s passage to the second round also leaves the Socialist Party in a complex position. Despite that, last night Elizalde did not take long to make an explicit call and “Without ambiguities or political calculations” to “all Chileans” to vote for the option of the Approve Dignity candidate in the second round.

At the game last night they assured that the distance between Boric and Kast it would be difficult for the broad front to defeat the Republican in the ballot and that, in any case, the conversations that are opened will largely depend on the relative weight that each pact achieves in Congress.

However, they stressed that they would not be about to negotiate quotas in a possible government or force an alliance with the Frente Amplio.

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