PS5 and Xbox Series X Amaze the Developers of Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is now available on next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, bringing with it a number of graphical improvements, framerate upgrades, and load time reductions.

In a new interview, the Senior Rendering Programmer of 4A GamesBen Archard, wanted to spend a few words of praise on the hardware of the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, admitting that the new devices have turned out to be far more powerful than they thought.

There is quite a long story about how we brought it to consoles because before we even got the hardware we were very cautious. We didn’t know exactly how he would behave. In the beginning, instead of focusing on the complete next-generation PC experience, which was already in development, we decided to implement a global lighting fallback solution, which eventually became DDGI. This is a cheaper solution, as it doesn’t do full-screen raytracing. But, long story short, we didn’t have to worry, because in the end the consoles actually proved far more powerful than that initial pessimism would have led us to believe. As you begin to insert the various features, you work on getting better frame rates. At the end, we got to the point where it seemed that next-gen consoles could support pretty much all the full features of the PC version. So, at that point, you have to ask ‘Will we be able to do this in 4K @ 60’?“.

Much of the praise has mostly gone to next-gen console CPUs, perhaps the most important component of all:

” They’re very good CPUs, honestly, they really are. We found them very, very useful. I’m a rendering programmer and, with the previous generation, we were pretty limited with CPUs, but this time it won’t be a problem. They’re definitely a big improvement. compared to their previous generation counterparts. That said, we are not the only department that presses on the CPU, but we can assure you that they are excellent CPUs and that they work across the board. I think many areas of development can benefit significantly from that. increase in power. “.


Metro Exodus, when it came out on old-gen consoles, amazed all players with its stupendous graphics quality: imagine what 4A Games could create, developing natively on new hardware …


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