PS5 Debut: Bloomberg on the Presentation of the Objectives of the Next Fiscal Year Sony


During yesterday’s day, Friday 14 February, a report published by Bloomberg quickly attracted the attention of the entire gaming community.

Inside the latter reported alleged indiscretions related to the possible price of PS5, as well as the future launch of a PlayStation VR 2. In the report, there are also some references regarding the presentation of the commercial prospects related to the gaming sector as regards Sony’s next fiscal year. According to what reported by Bloomberg, who cites anonymous sources, the CFO Hiroki Totoki would have in the past shared his personal expectations on the expected timing for the presentation of the latter, indicating that the procedure would not have been different from that adopted by the Company in the “recent past. “This, Bloomberg continues, would mean that such indications could be expected” around the end of April. ”

As usual, when it comes to rumors and corridor voices, we invite you to interpret what is reported with particular and due caution. It is not, in fact, official information, but alleged indiscretions which, as such, could prove to be wholly or partially incorrect. To find out for sure what Sony has in mind for the presentation and launch of PlayStation 5, we can only wait for statements directly from the gaming giant.